1 Sep 2008

Canada, ey?

Posted by walterheck

We woke up a bit late the next day and packed our bags. Sleeping with Mandie in my tent had been cosy, but not undoable. Hell, it had worked out with Nick and he’s about twice her size 🙂 We were only 90 miles from the border. We got a ride after a while to a place around 40 miles from teh border. From there it proved to be quite the challenge to get to the actual border. After a while of asking around, a guy and his dad were willing to take one of us. We didn’t really want to split up, but since I had to get out of the country by the next day (my visa was running out) we decided to split up and meet up at the other side of the border. More after the jump..

I got in the car and we headed for the Canadian border. Along the way i found out that the car was going all the way to Whitehorse. Since we had talked about the possibility that this could happen before, I decided to ride all the way with these guys to arrive in Whitehorse late that night.
First however, there was the matter of crossing the Canadian border. I got out of the car right before the border to walk across. I did this for two reasons: I don’t want people to get in trouble if I do for some reason, and I don’t want to get in trouble if they happen to carry a dead body in the trunk. EVerythign was fine however. The border guard didn’t even pay attention to me as there was a big line and he was somehow working alone. I crossed the border, waited for the car I was in before the border and got in. We had a good ride to Whitehorse. They bought me dinner along the way and we arrived in Whitehorse shortly after midnight. This was of course too late to call my host, so I slept in the center of town next to some river boat that was on display there. It’s always exciting to camp out in places where it is obviously not allowed.

I was woken up first by some kids hanging around. Then I fell back asleep, only to be woken up again an hour or so later by some very loud sound. It took me a few seconds to realise what was going on; when we drove into town, we had seen some sprinklers and wondered what the hell this town needed sprinklers for in a wet climate like this. When I set up my tent (mind you, it was pitch-dark) I had seen a black round little lid in the grass, shortly wondered what it was and then forgot about it. Well, they apparently work automatically every night and one of them was about 30 cm from my tent. I panicked a bit, thought about the situation for a second and then decided it would be better to wait the end of it out inside my tent. Lucky for me I had just bought a very nice tent in Alaska, which I am now pretty sure is waterproof 😉

I didn’t expect kenny and Mandie that night, so the next morning I woke up early and packed my tent (also because I was camped out in the middle of the city 🙂 ). I looked for an internet cafe and found a real sweet cafe where I waited while surfing. All day long I heard nothing, so I got a little nervous. Finally, late at night I heard back from them, they apparently were having a _really_ hard time reaching Whitehorse and were still a few hundred kilometers out. They were sure they would be in Whitehorse the next day though. By now I was sitting in front of the closed cafe to ‘borrow’ some internet signal 🙂

It was late and I didn’t feel like paying for a place to sleep so I decided to try my luck and camp out next to the boat again (This time mentally prepared for the sprinklers 😉 )

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2 Responses to “Canada, ey?”

  1. Hey big guy!
    Nice to hear you’re having fun out in Canadian nature.

    Btw, it’s ‘eh’. Canadians are very strict about this. )




  2. Damn, Whitehorse has a population of just 20,461, and it still accounts for more than 75% of the Yukons population. No wonder it’s hard to get a ride over there, sounds like you were lucky to find one so easily.