16 Jun 2008

Oakland to Seattle, WA

Posted by walterheck

It’s only 2:16 AM here, so I figured I might as well write up the next blog entry while I ams till awake. I am way behind, so I’m gonna try to catch up a bit. Jump for the story up until Seattle.

I arrived in Oakland at the airport in the middle of the night. I had a feeling that Andrew wasn’t gonna show up teh next morning as we hadn’t been in contact. I walked out the airport lookign for a place to eat some food. I asked some people for the closest place to get some food. They were in total disbelief that I had no car. Furthermore they showed exceptional skill in having a low I.Q. On the other hand, maybe rocket scientists don’t end up as a night guard in a parking lot of a small time airport 🙂

I finally made my way to a hotel where I asked to use the internet in the lobby for a few minutes. They had a spot to plug in my laptop and I stayed there until first daylight without them asking me to leave. I slept a bit sitting behind my computer. Luckily I’m very skilled at that 😉 I tried calling Andrew again around 6:30 AM. We were supposed to meet at 7 AM at the airport, so I didn’t have to worry about calling him that early. He didn’t pick up.

I decided I was not gonna wait for him, so I started hicthhiking to Chico. My friend Donna lives there, and when I found out that Chico is almost on the way from Oakland to Seattle, I couldn’t pass up the opportuinity to meet this fabulous woman.

Long story short: the hitchhiking was a nightmare! It took me 8,5 hours to do around 15Km, most of which I walked to find a better spot. In the end, some guy in a really good mood gave me 20$ and convinced me to get a bus to Chico. Instead, I decided to go back to Oakland (I could take a 1,75$ bus there) and contact Andrew again to see if he could hang out. If that wouldn’t work, I could always try to find a last-minute host in Oakland. So I went back and called Andrew again. This time he picked up. It turned out that he misread my message and had been waiting for me when my plane landed, but left before I came out of the security check. Dumb coincidence, huh?

It also turned out he was staying with some family in the hills outside of Oakland. He invited me to come there, so I took a subway to get there and was met at the station. The house was beautiful, and i immediately got along with Andrew, his Girlfriend Jessie and Andrew’s aunt and uncle. We spent a very nice evening together, with a nice first decent American dinner for me. After so many months of beans and rice in Brasil, a big piece of Lamb was just what I had been craving for for a long time 🙂

Andrew works with an Apple computer, and his aunt and uncle both work for Apple, so we had a nice evening full of back-and-forth jokes about Apple vs. PC. Heavily outnumbered, I think I stood my ground 🙂

The next morning Andrew, Jessie and me went on a roadtrip to Donna’s. We made it there and had a really good time (Thanks to some “special” butter 🙂 ). Such a good time actually, that Andrew and Jessie decided to spend teh night there as well. They left early the next day, and I spent the rest of the day with Donna. She is a wonderful woman and we got along really well! Because of all the changes in my plans and the trouble hitchhiking I decided to take a greyhound so I wouldn’t pull “a Duke” and miss my plane (sorry bud 😉 ).

Someone had told me that while in other countries you will just see poor people on busses, the greyhound in the U.S. mostly has very weird people on it. That was not an understatement 🙂 I felt more like being on a prison bus from time to time 🙂 After a smooth 20-hour ride, I made it to Seattle!

So, now it’s 3:17 AM and high time to go to bed. It’s getting light outside already. We’ve had our 3 hours of semi-nighttime for today 🙂

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One Response to “Oakland to Seattle, WA”

  1. So! Wat een verhaal weer! Maar gelukkig wel met een happy ending :-)!
    Leuk om weer wat te lezen! xxx