7 Jun 2008

In transit: Sao Paulo to Oakland

Posted by walterheck

Now the time to leave my beloved Belo Horizonte had finally come. Not only that, I immediately had to switch into travel mode for my almost impossibly complicated trip to Alaska. First leg: Belo Horizonte – Sao Paulo – Lima – San Salvador – Oakland. Follow the jump to read about it…

We left BH around 20:00 with 4 guys headed for Sao Paulo. Actually they were not headed for Sao Paulo, but I paid a bit more so they would drop me off at the airport. We had a nice trip, arriving at Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos airport around 3:30. Of course my check in desk and my gate were as far as possible, but I had enough time. Everything went fine though, and I arrived at the boarding gate nicely in time. I spent my last few reais on food (didn’t have enough for anything else). The flight to Lima, Peru left on time. Of course, me being me, I boarded the plane, sat down and woke up when the plane was over amazonas. There were some beautiful sights from the plane. I saw the amazonas river (unfortunately including it’s massive deforestation), the lower Andes mountains and some ancient cities in Peru.

I arrived in Lima, Peru on time. I Tried to find an Internet connection but unfortunately they had some problems so it wasn’t working. I spent my time watching for my connecting flight watching a Sopranos episode on my laptop. The flight to San Salvador, El Salvador also left right on time. It was also a nice flight without any delays or major problems.

In San Salvador I needed to call Andrew, the guy that I was going to meet in Oakland (The same guy that was originally supposed to drive to Alaska). I found a payphone that allowed me to make a call with my credit card. Not really thinking about it, I used it. A few days later I would find out that my 20 second phone call would cost me over 30€! Andrew didn’t pick up, so I left a message.
One thing that struck me as weird: security was very mild at this airport, even though it is an airport that has direct flights to the USA. No metal detectors (just hand operated ones that weren’t used), no x-ray machines. Just a guy checking your bags, not really even paying that much attention. Oh well, better for me :)

The third and last (at least for now) flight also left in time and arrived even a little early at the airport in Oakland. My legs were shaking as I realised this was the easy part of the journey…

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3 Responses to “In transit: Sao Paulo to Oakland”

  1. Hey will you be in Arizona at all?



  2. Ik heb me suf gezocht naar je pannetjes, maar ik heb ze niet kunnen vinden. Moet ik nieuwe kopen en die meegeven? Zo ja, wat moet je dan hebben? Ik hoor/lees het wel.



  3. heej heck, zoek je je pannensetje? In dat geval zou ik Branco eens checken, daar heb je een hele hoop van je outdoormateriaal achtergelaten staat me bij.




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