21 May 2008

Deja-vu: last day at work right before I start traveling..

Posted by walterheck

It is a weird day today. Once again I spent my last day workign for Coolblue, just a few days before I start traveling, not knowing where I will be in three months time. More after the jump..

This time I was considerably more busy however. I had to finish some last things, making sure the project I had been working on for the last four months was finished properly. Unfortunately the connection to my colleagues is not so strong this time, basically because I haven’t seen them in 9 months, and I haven’t spoken (read:chat) more than a few minutes off-topic to most of them. Still I feel kind of sad for leaving them again. Even though this whole working-from-abroad experience was not the best, both for me and for coolblue, it has shown me once again what a great company with great people this actually is.

Turning my focus on what’s coming in the next few days: tomorrow the big national couchsurfing meeting that we have been organising will finally start. More than 250 surfers from all over Brasil are coming to BH, making it the second biggest meeting I have ever been to. None of us organisers had ever expected this!

Organising this meeting has been very difficult, and it has shown me a lot of cultural differences. One of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking I could pull this off with my limited Portuguese skills. I really hate to have to rely on other people to get things done (even though they did get things done very well 🙂 ) just because I don’t speak the language. I guess I don’t like to be in half control. I am fine with not being in control, but then I _really_ don’t wanna be in control. Now I was sort of in control while I was actually not. Anyhow, things worked out and I am very much looking forward to the next few days!

The next time you hear from me might be when I am in Alaska, next saturday (in *gasp* a week and a half). Yes, dear addicted readers, once again you will have to find something else to do with your life than to read my hardly interesting blog, haha.

See you on the flipside!

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3 Responses to “Deja-vu: last day at work right before I start traveling..”

  1. Damn, I’ll have to find some way of entertaining myself for a couple of days. Good luck with all the hitchhiking and have fun at your CS-meeting.




  2. I’m sure you’ll have awesome fun!!!!



  3. Hey, nice to read your blog, just put this in my favourites now.
    Congratulations for the fucking awesome 1st brazilian meeting, man! That was perfect: so many cool parties and trips and rocks, yeah!
    I really loved it, and always knew it would be that way, that’s why i made everything to go to BH – almost fired, but it’s ok now, haha… (the “forest people” use to be good and so forgive some few days out of work ’cause they know here is so far from everywhere – almost the Lost island! =P)

    Kisses and take care “into the wild” (you have to see this movie!) of Alaska!