20 May 2008

The changed long and windy road to Alaska

Posted by walterheck

Life is chaos. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you are forced to change plans. My road to Alaska just got a lot more adventurous (and risky!). Follow the jump to find out what happened.

Monday morning I received an email from Andrew, the guy that was gonna drive me up to Alaska from Oakland. Due to unexpected “legal issues” he is not allowed to leave the state of California, which means he won’t be going to the collective. Consequently that meant I lost my ride.

I started looking for alternatives. After some searching I came up with the following: I am flying to Oakland as planned, arriving on Monday night. I’ll probably spend the night at the airport. The following morning I’ll be heading to the nice little city of Chico, where Donna lives. She is a very cool woman and I’m looking forward to meeting her after speaking to her online a number of times (she volunteers for cs as well, so we touched base a number of times). She invited me to dinner and (I quote) “lots of wine”, and she also invited Andrew to come along with me.

Depending on Andrew’s plans he is picking me up at Oakland, either giving me a lift in the right direction or coming with me to Donna’s. I will spend the night there, and after that I will have wednesday, thursday and most of friday to get my ass to Seattle, from where I will be flying to Anchorage on friday night. I’m looking at spending another night at the airport there, to hitchhike to Homer on Saturday morning.

All in all, my journey will take the same amount of time, it will just be a lot riskier. If I have trouble hitchhiking to Seattle, I will be throwing away 160€ for the flight as it is non-refundable. keep your fingers crossed for me!

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8 Responses to “The changed long and windy road to Alaska”

  1. Why do things the easy way? Good luck!




  2. Pffff… I’m getting nervous just reading this 😉 !
    I keep my fingers crossed (and quietly agree with your dad…!)



  3. p.s. DON’T read Duke’s blog from 16th of May……..



  4. Holy shit, are you sure it wouldn’t be easier to just walk to Alaska?



  5. I could work out some way of drifting to Alaska in a ruber raft for you if you like…. Just give me a call.



  6. He Heck,

    Succes met liften! Misschien nog wat busroosters meenemen voor eventuele lastige stukken? Of doen ze niet aan bussen in de VS?




  7. Haha, ik ben benieuwd hoeveel strippen het zijn van Oakland naar Seattle.




  8. Hey, Walter!!!

    How are you doing, my friend. It sounds amaizing all your trip. I have been following it for a while and It`s so nice!!!

    No plans to visit Mexico???

    You are welcome anytime!!!

    Good Luck!!!