13 May 2008

The long and windy road to Alaska

Posted by walterheck

My time here in Brasil has sadly almost come to an end. In only six months time I have really grown to like almost every aspect of Brasil: it’s culture, it’s food and it’s people. Next destination as you all know is Alaska. Follow the jump to find out how I am going to travel to (almost) the other end of the globe.

Since I am almost out of money, I had to find the cheapest possible way to get to Alaska. After some searching, I figured out that flying from Belo Horizonte is more expensive than taking a bus to São Paulo and fly from there. After a lot of playing around with different trips on kayak, I found that buying a separate flight from São Paulo to LA, and from LA to Anchorage would be the cheapest option.

Around that time I got into contact with one of the guys also going to the collective. He is driving with his girlfriend from LA to Alaska. After some “negotiating” we figured out it was best if I would come to San Francisco and join them from there. Luckily I found cheap flights from São Paulo to Oakland (that’s on the other side of the SF bay).

So I am leaving Belo Horizonte on the 25th of May in the afternoon. I will arrive in São Paulo in the late evening, spending the night at the airport. The next morning at 6:00 my flight to Oakland leaves, with stops in Lima, Peru and San Salvador, El Salvador. I arrive in Oakland around midnight, where Andrew and his girlfriend will pick me up. The next morning we start our monster 5500Km road trip from Oakland to Homer.

Of course Mr. Bush is not too happy about people entering his country on a one-way flight, so he requires me to have a flight out of the country as well. To make things easier, you are not allowed to fly to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean islands unless you are a citizen of these countries. So I had one more goal to tackle. After a lot of searching, I found a cheap fully refundable flight from Miami to San José, Costa Rica. I will use the same trick as I used to get into Brasil: cancel the flight as soon as I get to Alaska.

So now, a lot of surfing the web and around 820€ poorer, I am all set to get to the collective!

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4 Responses to “The long and windy road to Alaska”

  1. Holy shit, are you sure it wouldn’t be easier to just walk to Alaska?



  2. I could work out some way of drifting to Alaska in a ruber raft for you if you like…. Just give me a call.



  3. Damn, what a trip. I would almost say our 200 km trip during Peking Express weekend was easy for everybody now, but i think some will disagree with that. Lucky they had Walter’s hitchhiking tips.



  4. Hallo neefje,

    Ik ben je hele blog weer eens doorgesurfd, ik ben er altijd wel een poosje mee bezig om alles te lezen en te bekijken. Altijd interessant: je verschillende verhalen, foto’s en deze keer ook je tips voor gebruik van het net. Ikzou graag eens persoonlijk een cursusje van je krijgen. ‘k Was ook benieuwd naar het verdere verloop van je ballonnenavontuur en begrijp ik het goed: heb je vanuit Brasil voor je vroegere baas gewerkt?
    Veel succes met je reis naar Alaska, lijkt me een prachtig land.
    Liefs, je T.T.


    Je tante Trees