28 Apr 2008

Next destination: the couchsurfing collective in Homer, Alaska!

Posted by walterheck

My next destination

Behold, my next destination: Homer, Alaska. I just received word from the tech team that I have been chosen for one of the positions for the collective in Alaska. I will arrive there early June, and stay until the end of the collective, somewhere around the end of August.

I think it will be a good opportunity to try to make a difference doing the things I am good at. In addition, I look forward to spending quality time with the guys that have stayed in my home for 2 months during the Rotterdam collective.

The nature around there is very beautiful and from what I have read, killer whales and blue whales live in that area. I am hoping to see one of those!

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3 Responses to “Next destination: the couchsurfing collective in Homer, Alaska!”

  1. Let me be the first to make this very bad joke: D’oh!




  2. Let me be the second to leave a comment..
    I think think that’s GREAT! 🙂



  3. 3rd!
    Good for you!!
    And I really like your balloons! I suppose it’s not possible to order a 3-legged-dog online? 😛