26 Apr 2008

My first balloon animals!

Posted by walterheck

Since apparently some of you have such an interesting life that they feel the need to comment-spam my blog, I finally have something to tell you guys: My balloons arrived! More after the jump…

My first balloon animals

My balloons actually arrived last week, but I overestimated my ability to blow them up by mouth. These are not regular balloons you see, they are made out of Latex specially for balloon twisting. By pure luck I managed to blow up the very first balloon at the very first try, but it popped after two twists. After that I tried and tried, and after a nice headache and a lot of frustration I went online to research special techniques or so.

I found many discussions by balloon twisters, and the gist of it was that it was dangerous and unhealthy to blow them up by mouth. Many stationary twisters use a tank of air with an electrical pump, but I don’t have that luxury, so I will have to make due with a hand pump.

So today I went out into the city hunting for a pump. I went to some different shops and in the end found a pump that will do for now for the grand total of RS 6,00.

I just came home and of course tried it out immediately. On the picture you can see my first attempts at a dog. The red one was almost finished, when the second hind leg popped. So it’s a handicapped dog if you will 🙂 The second one (the blue one :)) went perfect, so that is my first balloon animal that is sales worthy, haha 🙂

On to teaching myself a sword, flower and more one-balloon designs. after that we’ll see about the balloon dinosaur, just a bit more advanced 🙂

PS. My birthday present from my good friend Eef also arrived, she gave me a nice pocket cartoon booklet of Fokke & Sukke in english. Thank you very much!

PPS This post number 100, yay! Next target: 200 🙂

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3 Responses to “My first balloon animals!”

  1. Awh…dat invalide hondje is best schattig hoor! 😉
    Maak je ook een poes, voor Doerak? 😀

    Groetjes Debbie



  2. ach en anders begin je toch met een 3-benige dinosaurus. dat 4de been komt vanzelf wel een keer 🙂



  3. Jep, that’s evolution…