25 Mar 2008

Meet the (grand)parent(s)

Posted by walterheck

So, the day everybody dreads in a new relationship. No matter how in love you are and how much your partner makes you feel at ease, it is always a nervous moment. find out why this one was even more nervous for me and how it turned out after the jump.

There were two things making me more nervous than I should have been. First, I was meeting almost the whole family at once: grandpa, grandma, aunts en uncles and nieces and nephews, on top of Raquel’s mom. This was quite a lot to handle, even for a self confident person like me. Second, Raquel’s mom is very protective of her daughter and judging from previous comments I was quite sure there would be no way that she would like me.

The meeting place: Raquel’s grandparents’ house here in BH. Everything was pretty laid back and I immediately got a good impression from Raquel’s grandma. When I went into the house she told me “everyone is welcome here” in Portuguese, which was very reassuring for this nervous person :). We had a swim in the pool in the backyard, had some delicious lunch and I sort of made Raquel swim with her clothes on (the final fall was not my fault though!). We went to a park nearby and it was all very nice. I even ended up dancing with Raquel’s grandma. anybody knowing me knows that me dancing (especially sober!) is more than highly uncommon. I made a good impression with it though, so it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

In the end I don’t think Raquel’s mom likes me very much, even though I did my very best to be nice to her. Part of this is still the language barrier, but I guess part is also the fact that she doesn’t like me distracting her daughter too much. I have good hope things will change for the better in the future though!

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One Response to “Meet the (grand)parent(s)”

  1. Mom likes you, Schatzi! ๐Ÿ™‚ At least she get to know Iร‚ยดm leaving to travel with you! ;))

    Love you so! Everyday it grows up inside… ๐Ÿ™‚