7 Mar 2008

Getting an extension for my visa in Brasil

Posted by walterheck

How could I forget to write about this happening? Since I am in Brasil for three months on March 8th, I had to get my extension for my visa last week. Even though I knew it wasn’t going to be a big deal, visa stuff always makes me nervous. What if teh person behind the counter has a bad day or is some kind of Gestapo-type of figure? Read what happened after the jump…

To get an extension to your visa, you simply go to the policia federal with your passport and your original entry form. The price of a visa extension for Brasil is 67 R$. Of course I didn’t know that, and I had only 30R$ in cash with me, confident that either I would find a bank on teh way to teh Policia Federal, or would be able to pay with my creditcard there. Both proved to be wrong.

Originally I had asked Felipe to go with me, but he couldn’t make it as he has just started a new job. He called to the station for me to find some things out and somehow found out that one of the couchsurfers I have met here works there. And she agreed to help me fill in the forms and stuff! I’m telling you, slowly couchsurfing is taking over the world (think evil laugh here 😉 )!

So I headed to the police station, found the girl and she helped me with all the things I needed help with (which was basically everything 😉 ). Funny thing is that this police station has a metal detector that doesn’t seem to be turned on, so people just walk back and forth like there is no security at all. This is one of those small things that make this such a friendly city. Everything is a bit more “gemüdlich”.

Then, when it came to the cash, I found out I didn’t have enough money and couldn’t use the ATM at the PF. That sucked and I was about to head out to find a caixa, when the girl offered to loan me the money so I wouldn’t have to go all the way to find a machine that woudl accept my card. Great!

Half an hour later I walked out of the PF-station, being the proud owner of an extension stamp in my passport allowing me to stay until June 6th. That means probably that I will work until May 31st, after which I will take the last week to travel out of Brasil, possibly through the city of São José do Rio Preto and the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (possibly Campo Grande) into the unknown country of Paraguay. But now I have three months to decide on that 🙂

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One Response to “Getting an extension for my visa in Brasil”

  1. haha..i laugh when you said about the metal detector thing..sounds like Brasil is not far from Indonesia.
    but you are lucky. i am sure the visa stuff would be more difficult for Indonesian 🙁