25 Jan 2008

What’s that dutch mexican guy up to in BH?

Posted by walterheck

  • I have had the apartment for myself for the last 8 or so days, so I have been working in the peace and quiet of my own place. I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything exciting during the week. Basically waking up anywhere between 5 and 7 and walking straight from my bed to my laptop to work. Programming feels good, although I am amazed at how much I have forgotten in 4 months of doing nothing. Of course there is also the simmering thoughts in the background that have been keeping me busy and will probably do so for the next few months.

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  • I have had a chance to have a good talk with my boss Erik. I am very happy that we get along very well on a personal level as well as on a professional one. I really feel that I can be completely honest with him. He gives me good advice and this only makes me feel more sorry that chances are getting smaller and smaller that I will actually return to Coolblue anytime soon (more about this as I make up my mind in the next couple of months).
  • Last weekend I went out for a nice sunday with some couchsurfers. First we went to the mercado central (indoors marketplace) for what was supposed to be a lunch but ended up in a fun morning (yes, it started at 10.30 without me having had breakfast) of drinking beers at one of the bars. After we left (basically because the mercado closes at 13.00 😉 ) we decided to go swimming. The father of Bruno, one of the guys that was with us, owns a condominio (privately owned village, filled with very beautiful houses and only accessible by inhabitants or visitors of the inhabitants) up in the hills outside of Belo Horizonte. We decided to go there for a swim in a beautiful swimming pool. I got severely sunburnt after falling asleep in the sun. As a result, I now have two nice white spots in teh shape of my dogtags on my chest:)
  • Saturday I will be going to a small metal festival in a town about 300 km from here. If all goes well I will hitch a ride in the bus of one of the bands. I am really looking forward to my first contact with Brasilian metal culture! \m/
  • Sunday we will go hiking in the hills outside of Belo Horizonte in a park called Serra do Cipó. We are not sure where yet (decision making processes in Brasil are a tad slower than in Holland 😉 ) but it is gonna be a lot of fun!
  • Next week on teh 29th I’ll be hopping on the bus for the long awaited carnaval in Salvador. But first 24 hours on the bus on a route that I have seen for the biggest part:(
  • I just rewatched one of the two best movies ever: Before Sunset. This is the sequel to Before Sunrise and they are the two best movies I have ever seen, by far. They express exactly the way I think about life and the move me deeply every time I see them. Now that I am traveling before sunset seemed even more applicable than ever. These movies have a special place in my heart and mind.

That’s all for now folks!

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3 Responses to “What’s that dutch mexican guy up to in BH?”

  1. Your appartment looks great, you’re really lucky you can stay there. Have fun at the metalfest, there are bound to be some good bands in the country that produced Sepultura.




  2. These photolinks are cool!



  3. He Heck, veel plezier met carnaval! We gaan geen pieterpad lopen met carnaval dit jaar, dus als je eens een beetje opschiet met die reis van je, dan kan je nog op tijd terug zijn voor het volgende wandelweekend. Het eerste deel door Europa ging redelijk voorspoedig, maar de laatste weken schiet het niet echt op geloof ik. Het zal wel door de Braziliaanse warmte komen, dat je daar een beetje in Belo Horinzonte blijft lambakken. Qua appartement ben je er wel op vooruit gegaan sinds de tijd dat je uit een winkelkarretje leefde. Nog veel plezier gewenst!