25 Jan 2008

Brasilian movies

Posted by walterheck

So I have been watching a lot of movies lately. I have found a list of movies recommended by brasilian couchsurfers and I have watched a bunch of the movies on that list just to see what brasilian movies are like and to learn a bit more about the culture. Here’s a list of the ones that I can recommend to any of you. They can all easily be found as torrents (use www.torrentscan.com, very easy torrent search engine searcher 🙂 ) and english subtitles are also available from subtitle websites.

  • Tropa da Elite – This movie is quite famous and is about a very tough department of the military police in Rio, specialized in performing special operations in the slums of Rio. Very good and based on a true-life story!
  • Carandiru – about a prison in Brasil and the life inside. Very peaceful movie that paints an almost serene picture of this prison, until the moment a violent riot breaks out. Based on real events and also very impressive!
  • O Homem do Ano – movie about a regular guy that is quite depressed until he murders a notorious criminal in his own neighbourhood, Instead of being prosecuted and arrested, he gets a compliment from the police.The whole neighbourhood loves him for what he did and he ends up being a contract killer of bad people. Absurd but very nice!
  • Bicho de sete Cabecas – Movie about a guy that gets put into a mental hospital by his dad for smoking pot. Very horrifying story about mental hospitals in Brasil. Unfortunately based on a real person. Very good!
  • O Ano em que Meus Pais Sairam de Ferias – interesting movie about a little boy that gets left at his grandfather’s house when his parents go “on a vacation” (the movie plays during the year of 1970, when dictatorship is going strong in Brazil). Unfortunately his grandfather dies and he is left alone in a Jewish neigbourhood. At the same time the world cup is going on and Brasil goes crazy about this. Very interesting portrait of life during these times.
  • Ó pai, ó Very nice movie about carnaval in Salvador, seen through the eyes of the poor people living in Pelourinho (the tourist area). Not so good if you’re about to head of to Salvador for celebrating carnaval 😉
  • Cidade Baixa – Movie about a love triangle and the harsh life in the lower part of Salvador. Very impressive!
  • Cidade de Deus – Actually I have seen this movie quite a while ago but it is very impressive and definitely deserves it’s #16 position on the 250 best movies on IMDB! Historic movie about the gang violence in the slums of Rio. Very disturbing but very impressive!

The movies on this list that I haven’t seen: Deus e Brasileiro, Cazuza , Central do Brasil, Lisbela e o Prisioneiro, O Auto da Compadecida, Não por acaso, O homem que copiava, a dona da historia, Os Normais, Boleiros, O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta.

So anyone wanting to see some different movies than the usual hollywood garbage, enjoy yourself!

PS. If you think you see the same two actors in almost every movie: you are right 🙂

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