19 Jan 2008

The good, the bad and the funny #2

Posted by walterheck

In today’s post i’m just gonna let the images speak for themselves. I love these tropical rainstorms that go as fast as they come and give the city a good cleansing. Below you can see a collage I made of the view from my apartment. I love how you can see the whole city disappearing in the rain!

Rain over BH

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2 Responses to “The good, the bad and the funny #2”

  1. You went to the other site of the blooody world to see rain? It rains over here all the time! In fact, it’s raining right now! It rained all day yesterday and it’ll probably rain tomorrow as well!



  2. The cool thing about tropical rain, though, is that it rains like God is fuckin’ pissed at you for about an hour or 2, and then the sun comes out. In Europe it rains like God’s just being a bit passive-aggressive, but it lasts all bloody day!
    Have fun in the rain, big guy!