18 Jan 2008

Every day life has started again

Posted by walterheck

Besides preparing for carnaval my every day life has started again. I could move in earlier than expected into my new temporary home. My brand new roommate Wilmar’s mother (No ruud, his mother is not my new roommate, Wilmar is 😉 ) was staying there because his father was in the hospital here in BH and they live far away in the north of Minas Gerais. Luckily for them, his father got released from teh hospital early, and lucky for me I could move in before starting to work.

Because there was no internet in the apartment yet, Leo (my host at the time)  offered me a place to work in the lab of his university (he’s an architecture professor. So last monday I started working there. I must say that it doesn’t feel very good. Here’s why:

I love programming again and I am happy to be working with my coworkers again. The problem is in my peace of mind. Back in Riga, Latvia I met this guy called Ash who just returned from a long trip in Asia. He told me that he started out working for a company giving him western payment, while all the people around him were making local salaries. It makes you feel a kind of elite that you don’t wanna be. Back then I thought he was crazy and figured making more money would just be quite nice. Now I know exactly what he was talking about (and it’s hard to explain).

On top of that I am completely not integrating in local life this way. I am now working from the apartment and today I have been outside for half an hour grabbing lunch. Although many of you will probably think I am whining, this is how it feels to me for now. I am just gonna hold on for a couple of weeks and see if these feelings change.

On the flipside the project I am working on is quite interesting. I can’t say too much, but I can say that I have never been so intrigued by a bunch of opening hours 😉

My new roommate Wilmar is on a holiday with his friend Leo, my former host. They are in Rio for the next 10 days, so I have the apartment all to myself.

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5 Responses to “Every day life has started again”

  1. “No ruud, his mother is not my new roommate, Wilmar is 😉 ”
    Whaaat?! I didn’t say anything, and if you would just formulate your story a bit more carefull, or use some more interpunction I wouldn’t have to!



  2. By the way, did you feel better living among poor Brazilian people while not working at all and just hanging about all day?

    Anyway, you’re free to cut your wages down to the Brazilian norm and to give the rest to a very poor Dutch student whose name I won’t mention right now…



  3. Why would i need to use more interpunction i dont like interpunction interpunction makes everything so readable i dont like readable text



  4. Je denkwijze siert je!



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