10 Jan 2008

Brasil: The good, the bad and the funny #1

Posted by walterheck

This will be a series of blog posts about different things that happen when you are in a country that is so different from your own. From mere observations to funny situations to crazy things happening. Hope you enjoy!

A couple of days ago we were walking around during the late evening here in Sta. Tereza neigbourhood in Belo Horizonte. Famous for it’s bars and quietness, this neighbourhood is very safe.

All of a sudden, a man comes running/limping down the street, screaming for the police. The street was quite full of people and in my country at least someone woudl walk over to him to ask what was wrong. Here, things work a little different. People started running in the opposite direction getting away from teh man as fast as possible. People were seekign shelter in their gardens, cars or whatever they could find. As someone told me later, you never know what is going on so it’s better to run away. The guy could be a robber, there could be a shooter running after him or he could have a weapon himself.

The guy kept running around and started talking to whomever would listen. In the end it turned out that he was in a fight with his wife and that she had beaten him. The man was crying in the street, talking to anyone who would even look at him. He was basiclly a big baby, very funny!

Nevertheless I was a bit shocked by the way people responded to him running down the street. Here, people’s first reaction is to take care of them selves, not too look out for a fellow human being. Something I can understand in a country that has so many safety issues, but still against my instinct.

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