21 Dec 2007

Why the previous post stopped

Posted by walterheck

So, you guys are probably quite curious as to what the hell I have been doing the last few days? Well, you might wanna sit down for this one, because it is a long story. Let me begin by telling you why my last post was stopped so abruptly:

I was sitting in that internet cafe in Jequié, waiting for the bus to leave. It was  about 22:10 when a man tapped me on the shoulder: “Are you going to Bela Horizonte?”. I was heavily surprised taht it was actually the bus driver, looking for me to take me on the bus earlier, so I would be in BH earlier. How friendly of him to come and look for me (I was out of sight of the bus or the ticket office, sitting inside an internet cafe).

After an uncertain bus ride including changing busses at a deserted terminal at midnight and a whopping 33 hours of traveling (counting from leaving the pousada in Morro to arriving at the Rodiovario in BH) I was in Bela Horizonte. When I was on the bus, I received an sms from my host that he could not host me (he had forgotten to inform his 11 weeks pregnant wife 😉 ). I asked him to post a message on CS to ask for another host and a friendly guy called Felipe said yes. The two of them were waiting at the bus terminal for me (for 3 hours, the bus was a ‘little’ late). I was ready for the adventure called Bela Horizonte!

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