21 Dec 2007

Belo Horizonte and surroundings

Posted by walterheck

The last few days in Belo Horizonte I have been doing quite a lot of different things, the results of which you can hopefully see soon in the picture gallery. Here is a small summary:

I went to visit two beautiful caves on sunday with Amilcar, a host from BH, and Julie, hist guest at the time. The caves were really beautiful and located in beautiful natural surroundings. We spent almost all day there and then drove back to BH.

Another day we went to see some waterfalls, also reasonably nearby. They were very beautiful and it was the first time in my life I was swimming in a natural bassin at the foot of a waterfall. Very amazing experience!

And there was more: we went to a super luxurious meat restaurant with the most delicious all-you-can-eat meat and an astonishing view. The view made me sad too. Of the over 2 million people living in this city, a lot of people have to work very hard or don’t even succeed to put food on their table every day. And here we are, eating until we drop. Sad but true, I guess this is one of the many intriguing aspects of this country: filthy rich against alarmingly poor.

We also went to see a live band and a beautiful night view over the city (getting soaking wet while admiring it)

And then there are of course the girls. They might not all be extremely hot, but the amount of beautiful asses here is downright ridiculous!

I really love being here in Belo Horizonte. Her I am just a stranger and not  a walking ATM liek in Salvador. The surfers community is very nice and the regular people too. It is a very safe city, which is also very nice for a city this size (3rd biggest city in Brazil).

On sunday I am moving to Sao Paolo to celebrate christmas with a couchsurfing mother and daughter in Japanese style (their family chooses a different theme-country every year). After that I am not sure where I will spend New years, but that will be tomorrow’s problem 😉

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One Response to “Belo Horizonte and surroundings”

  1. Oh man, I have to agree with you with the ass thing! How I’ve missed this country! lol