15 Dec 2007

Morro de Sao Paolo (and leaving it early)

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I’m running out of wow’s. I’m beginning to get a little bit used to being in this country. It certainly isn’t the piece of cake traveling in Europe was. I’m now in transit to Belo Horizonte to meet a cool CS-crowd and also see the neighbourhood where one of my all time favourite bands Sepultura originates from.

About the last few days then:

Going to Pelourinho was interesting. You literally get asked to buy something or give someone money every 30 seconds. Yet you can feel pretty safe from 10am in the morning ’til 1 am at night (this is the time the police is present so all the up to no good people stay quiet). The hostel I was staying in for the night was amazing. It had a very beautiful view over the all saints (have the tune in your head yet?) bay. Muriel brought me there together with Luiz, who also stayed the whole night to have some good fun. We met some random people and also the lovely beer-selling woman from the concert on sunday again. Although I cannot speak a word with her, it was really nice to see her again!

The next morning I took a boat to Morro and I was amazed when I arrived. Extremely beautiful Island, but the village is totally touristy. 50% Pousada’s, 25% restaurants and the rest is people working in these places and some support buildings. I located my hostel with the help of one of the 100 guides/proppers (saying i had a reservation seemed to get most of them off my back though 😉 ). I put down my stuff and decided to explore the beaches for a few hours, just walking across 1st, 2nd and 3rd beach.

In the evening I went climbing/walking/swimming to see the sunset and almost got lost doing so (not a good idea in the middle of the jungle after nightfall 😉 ). Saw a beautiful sunset though!

The next day I took one of the boat tours Luiz had recommended me. That was definitely worth the ridiculous 50 Reais I had to pay! Some very nice still very quiet villages on the other side of the island definitely made my day. After getting back though I decided I wasn’t going to stay in Morro, as it was too touristy for me.

Luiz had told me that my favourite band Sepultura was originated from Belo Horizonte, where he is also from. I decided to see if I could go there. I posted some messages on the groups in couchsurfing and within half an hour I had a couch and a detailed itinerary on how to get there. Satisfied I went to bed early.

This morning I got up early, paid the hostel (cheaper than expected, yay!) and took the boat to Valenca. There I got hopelessly stuck finding the bus station (turned out to be a “little” smaller than expected 😉 ) and had trouble buying a ticket (was there really no option for today anymore?). Luckily I had heard two guys speak German just minutes before and they were still standing around. I decided to try my luck and asked them for help.

One of the guys helped me very well and indeed there was supposedly no way to get from Valenca to BH today. I walked with my new german friend into town and he told me he knew three dutch people here. We talked and walked, and he explained my other options. I think somewhere around the time he told me that many of his friends came here to have sex with children (although he strongly disapproved of it) I thought it was time to take one of my other options.

The guy took me to a bunch of white vans that are used as taxi’s (old volkswagen vans can apparently easily take 12 people and luggage!) and he made sure th driver would help me to get to a place where I could find a bus to BH. Two of these busses later and a long very beautiful busridelater I am sitting here in Jequie waiting for my bus. Very impressed wth the beautiful landscape, f

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  1. beautiful ending 😉



  2. Yep, always keep them guessing