9 Dec 2007

My first impression of Brasil

Posted by walterheck

So, after that other story, there is lots of things left to tell: my first impressions of coming to another world.

I arrived in Brasil, my first ime in a different continent, first time in southern hemisphere, first time in tropical weather. Lots of frist times. As I already said, I was scared coming here. The internet is a bad way to prepare. Lots of stories and rumours. When you get here, it is good to be paranoid as my host told me.

Salvador is a city that has some very big opposites. One moment you are driving through a poor area, the next you are in a nice apartment building. I went to a night club yesterday and aside from the gorgeous women it was surprisingly much like a european night club. Except for the fact that when you stand outside the night club you can see one of the favela´s (favela is a bad neighourhood, every city and every area in every city has one).

Inside the night club, they played a song that was acually made by people from teh favela´s, while they would never be allowed into the night club. very strange.

The weather is nice, 28 degrees on average with a slight breeze (thank god we are close to the beach!).

 Now my host just came back so i am stopping here. More some time when I have inrnet access ad time again.

PS. All you bitches reading this thinking “I wish I would travel like that”, stop whining and get your ass out of your own safe world. you will be amazed!

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2 Responses to “My first impression of Brasil”

  1. Haha, ik zou die veilige nerdkeet zo willen in ruilen voor Brazilië. En ik lees dat je het lekkere eten van Brazilië ook bent tegen gekomen. Ze hebben daar van die coole restaurants met onbeperkt dooddier mooi concept. Veel plezier in Brazilië.





  2. You forgot the most important first; the first time the people of the republic of Brazil got visited by Walter Heck, and man, are they unprepared! They probably read all these stories and rumors about you on the internet (possibly on this very blog) that scared them shitless. Poor people of Brazil.