9 Dec 2007

Brasil, 110%

Posted by walterheck

Wow! I’ve said it before and I will say it again: is there any other way to travel than couchsurfing? Here’s why I’m saying it this time…
The 10 hour flight was my first intercontinental flight ever. It was also my first time outside of europe and completely new for me. Luckily I was sitting next to a nice english girl who was also going to Brasil for the first time so we were equally excited. This flight brought me to Brasil and I was scared. Hitchhiking in Europe seemed easy compared to this. Since I feel that the only way out is forward, I went ahead and entered Brasil.
After a 1 hour search for an ATM at the airport including 4 people pointing me in all directions but the right one, I found an ATM, called Luiz, my host and found him. Immediately I remembered why couchsurfing rules so much: I stopped being scared and started enjoying. Luiz is in the airforce as a physical therapist and a lot of his friends are also in the airforce.
After taking a shower (no hot or cold water here, just one temperature which is exactly right 🙂 ) at a friends place we went to Luiz’s place. Along the way we went throguh some really poor areas and some richer areas. I was once again in a wow!/fuck yeah!-state. This is how you feel that you are alive! Fuck a safe life in holland working behind a desk my whole life. This is worth any sacrifice that I had to make to get here! Anyway, I’m straying 🙂
We went to get some dinner at a local place with some really good local bahian food (bahia is the province of Brasil I’m in) and meeting some friends, I almost fell asleep (only 40 hours of almost no sleep at all 😉 ) We decided to go to a nightclub and have some fun there. Two bottles of whiskey (yes, full sized balantine’s) and some red bull later I was sick in the toilet and the next thing I know I see Luiz’s face coming to rescue me from there.
We walked outside and all of a sudden a fight broke out. We still don’t know why exactly, probably because one of Luiz’s friends said some things he shouldn’t have said. After the fight (where did our attackers go?) followed a big quarrel between that friend and some military guys guarding a building down the road doing nothing about the whole situation (they didn’t have to as that was not their job). Me trying to talk to Luiz’s friend who spoke only portuguese to get him to come in the car and just leave. All very interesting, especially when you are drunk off your nuts 🙂
Anyway, we made it home safely and I slept like a baby, now ready for more Brasil, 110%!

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2 Responses to “Brasil, 110%”

  1. He walter,

    Je begint toch een beetje naam te maken, fighting around the world with Walter. Maar mooi dat je goed bent aangekomen. Maar voorlopig kom ik hier niet van mijn laizy ass af om rond de wereld te reizen.




  2. “I found an ATM, called Luiz…”, ATM’s have names in Brasil? Man, that’s freaky! Anyway I hope you didn’t drink both those bottles of whisky by yourself, I’ll get sick just thinking about that.