19 Oct 2007

French film festival in Riga

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I woke up early as I was sleeping on an airbed that was leaking and I had been sleeping on the ground since 4am. That, in combination with my back still hurting from the day before was not a good sleeping place 🙂 I took my laptop and my sleeping bag and made myself comfortable in the comfy chair in the kitchen. I worked on responding to my email and writing my blog. Then I slept some more and when I woke up from pain I went back into the bedroom. I lay down on my camping mattress and blogged a bit more. Suddenly I heard someone knocking on the front door. I was a bit weary of opening it, since Lauris had told me about a homeless guy living in the stairwell and I was the only one awake at the time. I couldn’t identify the person, whoever it was.

When the knocking kept going, I decided to man up and open the door anyway. Lo and behold, it was Ash, the lost surfer. Ash was actually supposed to arrive the night before but never showed up. This happens sometimes in couchsurfing and it sucks: you open your house to someone and they never show up, even without giving you any explanation sometimes. He quickly explained the situation though: he had fallen off a rooftop in St. Petersburg the day before and damaged his back badly enough to want to take a bus instead of hitchhiking. The bus however was only going to Riga during the night so that’s why he showed up now instead of the day before. I woke up Lauris and we talked with Ash for a while. We cooked some breakfast (yes, we actually cooked 😉 ) and talked some more.

After breakfast we decided to go explore one of the glass rooftops we could see on the building on the other side. It turned out to be the top of the stairwell/elevator shaft so we walked up the stairs to the top floor and climbed through a fence shielding a stairway up to a platform on top of the elevator shaft. Someone had obviously been living there a while ago. We found a box of completely unharmed longdrink glasses and took them back to the apartment after climbing down.

After the stairwell adventure we walked through the city back to the apartment we had been to the day before (the one with the nice rooftop). This time we climbed up there with six people and we talked a lot. Well, actually they talked a lot and I slept a lot. Ah well, I guess sleeping on rooftops is a new experience as well 😉 When we all got cold we went back down and walked to the harbor area where later that day the film festival thing would start.

Lauris knew a bunch of people there so we first said hi to them. They gave us a shitload of leftover porridge and when we were full, Lauris decided to take us to an abandoned ship wreck that was close by. We climbed all over it while I couldn’t help suppressing some thoughts about asbestos and various chemicals (It wasn’t the best looking ship wreck ever, so to speak 😉 ). Then Ash started the association game. Basically you sit in a circle and say a word. The next person says the first thing that comes to their mind and so on. Quite funny to see what people’s associations are sometimes.

After a while we got sick of it (or was it secretly the ship that made us sick? :P) and decided to head back to the film festival area. There we just hung out until the movies started. I sat through the first batch of movies without falling asleep! What an achievement! Some of them were quite good (especially for French movies) and some of them had a high what-the-fuck-factor (even for French movies). The second batch of movies I was a bit less lucky, I saw part of the first one and part of the last one and some fragments in between.

During the second break we were a bit bored so Lauris and me decided to go home and Ash decided to stay there. Just before we left I saw part of a Russian movie about a farm family who sold their beautiful daughter to a rich city guy. Quite realistic, impressive and depressing at the same time.

When we got home it was just him and me, the rest of the guys were out somewhere. Lauris wanted to write a letter to an ex-girlfriend and I needed to catch up on email and couchsurfing business, so we both worked quietly for a while. Around 1:15 I fell asleep on the couch which also happens to be Lauris’ bed and instead of him waking me up he slept on the floor (so I found out the next morning 😉 ).


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5 Responses to “French film festival in Riga”

  1. “The second batch of movies I was a bit less lucky, I saw part of the first one and part of the last one and some fragments in between.” Don’t worry, Those artsy independent movies are always about gay cowboys eating pudding (http://www.geocities.com/d300g/southpark209.html). Bet you didn’t miss a thing.




  2. Ik heb een stuk je code op mijn blog geplaatst, zoals je had gevraagd functies die met gl of GL beginnen zijn OpenGL dingen.



  3. Hoop dat het met je rug al wat beter gaat. Ik heb ervaring en leef met je mee!



  4. Hi Walter,

    Hoe gaat ie? Kan je verhalen in het Engels slecht volgen maar iig veel plezier en succes.
    Je mist niks hier in Nederland.
    Kus Kim



  5. Hi, Walter!

    Just remembered to visit your blog for the first time…

    So you’re still in the neighbourhood I see, enduring the same lovely weather as we do in Poland (first snow here in Poznan today).

    Have a good one.



    Filip del Poznan