15 Oct 2007

Wandering through the streets of beautiful Tallinn

Posted by walterheck

Johnny and Lena had requested that I take a shower before they woke up and since I don’t have a problem with getting up early I got up at 7:30 and took a nice warm shower. After that I read some email while Johnny and Lena were getting up and going through their morning routines. We had breakfast together and then all left the house.

Lena gave me a lift into the city since she had to go there for a Spanish class anyway. She dropped me off right at the edge of old town. I walked back to the tourist information office to get a map (I was there the previous day when they were closed so it was easy to find). I walked around the beautifully preserved old town (it is so well preserved that it is on UNESCO’s world heritage list) for a while and was then lured into a cellar restaurant by a traditionally dressed man. I had a nice breakfast there and wrote the story about my fight the night before to get rid of some frustration.

After that I walked around the old town for a couple of hours, visiting an orthodox church and finally walking to the newer part of town. I bought an Estonian prepaid simcard while walking around that cost me very little and would be much cheaper than using my dutch number. When I was tired of wandering around I sat down in the restaurant of a big department store to use some internet facilities (I saw someone else with a laptop there which is usually a good sign that there is wireless internet 🙂 ).

I went back home around 17:00 because I was really not looking forward to walking alone in that neighborhood again in the dark. Luckily Lena was there and she let me in. She was still working though, so I sat down quietly and worked on finding accommodation for Parnu and Riga. I still didn’t have a couch for Parnu and I was going there the next day! The one single small downside of couchsurfing is that it takes a lot of time to find couches sometimes. You have to write personal messages to many people sometimes and then wait for responses.

Lena and me fixed dinner together while talking about a bunch of stuff. When Johnny came home around 20.00, we were just done cooking dinner, so we could go to eat it immediately. After dinner we stayed at the table drinking tea and having some more conversations.

I worked a bit more on the laptop after that and we talked about my plans for the coming months. It feels like they are changing constantly over the last few months. This is exactly why I didn’t make any plans when I was still at home and it turns out to be one of the better decisions of my trip! I just let life and the world surprise me every day :). One of the reasons I couldn’t stop talking about my plans was that Johnny and Lena’s house is full of maps on the walls. Their masterpiece is a map of 4 by 2,5 meter covering their whole living room wall. I could easily stare at it for hours 🙂 Eventually I got tired though and decided to go to bed.

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2 Responses to “Wandering through the streets of beautiful Tallinn”

  1. Hoi krullebol,

    Zie dat je weer terugvalt in je oude liefde: het bezoeken van kerken!
    We hebben je het weekend gemist!

    Liefs, XXX



  2. He Heck,

    Inderdaad, ik ben ook blij dat je je culturele interesse uitbreidt buiten de kroeg.