13 Oct 2007

Goodbye power of three

Posted by walterheck

When I woke up, Duke and Serkan were still sound asleep so I decided to watch the newest Prison Break episode until they woke up. We wanted to make breakfast, but we were out of fire to light the stove so we were forced to go out shopping for fire. We were supposed to go out for fire and some beers for the evening, but of course as everybody knows when you go shopping on an empty stomache you come back with all sorts of crap you don’t really need. Duke also took me up on my offer to borrow him some money to make it through the next couple of months.

When we got back home we made a nice breakfast (we had plenty of breakfast stuff now 😉 ). After breakfast Duke had to rush to an appointment with his first ever girlfriend from Mexico that happened to be in Helsinki during her travels. (For anyone reading his blog: he was 18 when he first kissed 😉 ). Of course he was going to be well over an hour late, but since it was mexicans meeting I figured it would be no more than expected. 20 minutes after he left she called me though (duke has no mobile), so I guess he was even late for Mexican standards 🙂

We also decided to organize a small party at Serkan’s place that night and rallied up as many people as we knew. That turned out to not be too many people by the way 🙂 I called Tiina and initially she said no. I blackmailed her into coming anyway, since it was going to be my last night in Helsinki and thus the last chance for the three of us to be together.

I stayed at home, longing for a bit of rest. I fell asleep on the couch and slept for about an hour or so. When I woke up, Serkan was gone. He had told me that he had plans to go bicycling for the afternoon, so I presumed that was where he was. That meant I had the house to myself for a few hours, yay! I was really lazy, so I spent the whole afternoon watching tv shows and doing nothing. It felt great!

After a few hours Serkan came back and he made dinner for the two of us. We had no idea where Duke was and when he was going to be back, so we didn’t wait for him. After a few hours he came back and brought his ex girlfriend ana and her friend lilly, a Chinese girl with him for the party. One of Serkan’s colleagues and Tiina also showed up and we had a nice time talking about all kinds of things.

Tiina had the bright idea that we should take some photo’s with the “eat shit”-postcard, so we did. After midnight we decided to go out and meet some of Tiina’s friends at a bar. Serkan came with us and Duke, Ana and Lilly went to Ana and Lilly’s host to sleep (Duke went there because he had left his laptop there earlier). I did not realize at the time that would be the last time I was gonna see Duke (he was supposed to come back the same night and drop me off at the ferry the next morning). Maybe it was better this way.

We got into Tiina’s moms car and I realized this was the first time I saw Tiina drive a car, strangely enough. We went to the city center and parked the car. Then we went to a metal pub (they are really quite common here 🙂 ). Tiina coerced her friends into more “eat shit”-card pictures and we had some good fun with it.

This country is so used to drunk people that when two girls on the dance floor fell over because they were too drunk, nobody cared. They didn’t get up and their friends even made a meat pile out of them. A minute later we saw two people dancing (well, dancing…) on the dancefloor and we couldn’t quite make up which one was holding the other one up. It looked quite funny actually 🙂

After a while we decided to go home since Tiina still wasn’t feeling too good and shouldn’t have left her house in the first place. We said goodbye and it felt a little sad. Tiina is a wonderful girl and I have grown to really like her in the past 10 months or so. Serkan and me took a bus home and when we got home we ate a little snack and then went to bed (it was 3:15 and I needed to get up early next morning)

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