12 Oct 2007

Moving back to Helsinki

Posted by walterheck

I slept in the next morning. Of course I woke up a bit to say goodbye to Saara, but I went back to sleep right after (I love my narcolepsy sometimes). Grant went to go to work, and I used my time to sleep, watch some shows, use the internet to do some planning and to pack my bags.

A few days before I had put my tent on the balcony to dry and freshen up, since it had been wet in my backpack since Norway. It was all clean and dry the day before, but since there was snow and rain this morning, the tent was all wet again. I decided to put it to dry in the bathroom. I finished packing my bag exactly the moment I heard Grant’s key turn in the lock of the front door. What a coincidence!

Grant was going to Helsinki today, and we had decided to travel by train together. He was going to an Australian football thing where one of the world’s best players at the moment from Australia was visiting. His club had organized a whole weekend around the guy, starting off with a friendly match. Grant asked me to come to the match and I said yes. We talked about a lot of stuff on the train trip and that made it all go by really fast.

We arrived in Helsinki and went to drop Grant’s gear off at a friend’s place. Then the friend came with us to the football stadium. The match was played outside while it was near freezing. It must have been hell for the players (I know I was freezing to death 😉 ). The match was quite interesting as I don’t know the first thing about football or sports in general. I had called Tiina to ask her if she wanted to come too and she did. She told me casually that she had found a temporary apartment and moved into it last Wednesday. We had quite some fun at the sidelines and I shot quite a few pictures of Grant in action.

After the match I said goodbye to Grant and traveled with Tiina across the city to where I needed to get off to go to Serkan’s (remember the Turkish guy from the cruise?). Duke was staying there and Serkan offered me to stay there too.

Duke had already told me that Serkan had a really nice apartment and that turned out to be nothing short of the truth. Serkan is a software engineer from Turkey that had just moved to Helsinki a month ago. He found an apartment that was not in use for the next 9 months that he could rent very cheap because it is hard to rent out an apartment for 9 months. For Serkan this however was a good opportunity to get used to Helsinki and look for a more definitive place to stay.

When I got there Duke and Serkan were jamming and I just listened in. I love people being so creative! We had a simple dinner. As Duke said: “this guy has nothing that cannot be prepared in 2 minutes!”. That did not mean however that dinner was not very nice 🙂

After dinner we decided to watch a Jack Black movie, the pick of destiny. I fell asleep halfway through (wow, really?) and after the movie I went to bed after a long day.

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