11 Oct 2007

Take a walk (in the park)

Posted by walterheck

Right next to Turku is an island (that can be reached by bus) that is a national park. It is however completely located inside the city. Since I still had a 24 hour bus ticket that had started the day before at 9am, I decided to go to this national park on that same ticket. Because that ticket ended at 9am however, I needed to get up early so I could take a bus from Saara and Grant’s place at 8 am.

I had to switch busses in the city center and arrived just before 9am in the national park. Of course I had fallen asleep and woke up somewhere when the bus was standing still. I thought it was the end of the line so I got out. It turned out not to be the end of the line, but I was close enough and at least I was on the right island 🙂

I looked around for a map and then decided to take one of the longer hiking paths. That was still not really far, since the island was not that big. The good thing was that it was about 7Km through the forest and after that the hiking path kept crossing the main road every 2 or 3 Km, so I could make it as long or short as I wanted. I started walking and it felt very good to be outdoors again. I walked in a slow pace since I had all day. I took several naps along the way in places where it was possible.

I took a break at the waterside on the property of an empty summerhouse, crossed a golf course (kind of strange in a national park, but okay 😉 ) and climbed a lookout tower. Around noon I reached a nice little restaurant. At first I thought I would not have enough money with me to eat anything (unless I would walk back to the city). I didn’t have breakfast at all however and soon I realized that I had some money tucked away in my belt for emergency situations like this.

I entered the restaurant and ordered a nice sandwich and a drink. I ate my brunch and then decided to get out the laptop to write some blog posts (I was now at October 5th). I took a nap somewhere in between (over the years I have become an expert in looking like I am doing something but secretly be sleeping). Overall, I sat there for around 1,5 hours.

Then I continued walking for a while. I wanted to walk all the way to the entrance of the island, but the combination of beginning rain and me bumping into a bus stop with a bus that was going to be there in the next few minutes (busses only come once an hour) made me end my hike prematurely. All in all I hiked about 15 Km I would say, which is not too bad.

I took the bus back to the city center and decided to go back to the same café I was in the day before to catch up on email. I sat there for a few hours and then headed back to Saara and Grant’s.

Grant cooked dinner again, this time it was traditional finnish army food: apparently they get pancakes and pea soup every Tuesday. It was a very good combination (not one that I would ever have thought of, though 😉 ) During dinner we had some interesting conversations about the finnish language. Apparently, at some point they were trying to get away from the Russian language and were looking for their own identity. They needed a word for electricity and actually organized a contest to find a word for it. The word they use today for electricity is still the word that won that contest :). Another interesting one: the guy that made up the words for history and science (he was not a scientist!) is now known as the father of science and history. Not a bad name for inventing two words 😉

After this exciting day, I was very tired. Grant was tired too, as this was his first week working since he came to Finland. Saara had to study for an examn, so she went to bed too and got up at 4 am to start studying. I watched some tv and then went to bed.

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2 Responses to “Take a walk (in the park)”

  1. If I’m not mistaken the Finnish word for electricity is: sähköenergia. Of course I could be wrong, my Finnish is somewhat rusty…




  2. By the way, the word Finnish for Santa is: joulupukki and potato is: peruna.