9 Oct 2007

Staying indoors

Posted by walterheck

I woke up when Grant got up to go to his work. The school he teaches at is located quite close to the place they live in, so he can walk there. Saara also had to get up early to go to school fro a long day of classes.

I decided to have a lazy day and stayed in bed for a couple of more hours. After a while I decided to drag myself out of bed, get a shower and get dressed. I didn’t feel like going to the city center, so I decided to go to the shopping mall closeby to find some breakfast. Grant and Saara had offered me a bike to ride the 6 km to the city center. I decided to try it out on my way to the mall. I’m glad I did, because it didn’t really feel solid enough to carry my weight for a longer bike ride.

I walked around the whole mall (it’s reasonably small) to see what kind of shops they had. Since it was already 2pm I decided to eat at a kebab place. I had one of those rullakebabs Duke had introduced me to back in Tampere and it was pretty good (and it was a _lot_ of food for very little money.

While I was sitting in the kebab place I noticed the library right across the street. Since I remembered someone told me that internet at libraries is free, so I decided to take my chances and go and ask if they happened to have any wireless there (since Grant and Saara’s place didn’t). Before I knew it, the librarian was making me a library card for all libraries in the city of Turku . After he made it it turned out that he hadn’t quite understood what I was asking, since he pointed me at 4 wired computers downstairs. Since I was there and I had the card anyway, I decided to sit there and do some stuff (this place was the same as Grant and Saara’s if I couldn’t use my laptop anyway).

After a while I decided to head back to the apartment and see if Grant was back yet (it is quite common to give your host some time for him/herself after coming home, that way they will feel better about your presence). He was there and we decided that I would cook chilli. It turned out that all the ingredients were there and we only needed to buy some small things. Grant and I went to the supermarket and got what we needed (including some beers). I offered to pay but was a bit surprised when the bill turned out to be 35€, which is even more than my budget for a day. Even so, I decided not to say anything and just pay the bill (I don’t like coming back to my decisions 🙂 )

We went back to the apartment and I cooked Chilli. This was gonna be a good one, as Grant and Saara had a fridge full of vegetables! It all worked out perfectly and just when it was done Saara came home from her day at school. Perfect!

We had some dinner, talked a bit and watched tv a bit. Grant and Saara went to bed early again because Grant was tired from work and Saara had to read a book for her studies. I was up late watching tv shows, programming and sleeping on and off. A nice and relaxing day!

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One Response to “Staying indoors”

  1. Man I love Wikipedia! Did you know they have an entire article about kebab?! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kebabs) I checked the encyclopaedia Britannica (which is supposed to be some sort of big deal all-encompassing encyclopaedia) and between the entries of Keb (Egyptian God: see Geb) and Kebbi River (Nigeria: see Sokoto River), there is absolutely nothing about Kebab whatsoever. What a bunch of amateurs. Anyway, as it turns out this rullakebab you like is actually the very same thing as the “dürüm-kebab” one can eat in kebabplaces in the Netherlands and which is my very favorite kebab! Isn’t that just something?! Yep, it’s a small world after all.


    By the way, Wikipedia also has an article about chilli (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chili_con_carne), which again the encyclopaedia Britannica does not. All hail Wikipedia!