7 Oct 2007

Back in Helsinki

Posted by walterheck

I was woken up at 9:30 by one of the sisters scavenging for some leftover food 🙂 I got my things together and packed my bag. Duke was the last one to make it out of course 🙂 When everyone was ready, we left the ship which had just docked.

We decided to go have cheap breakfast somewhere as we were all hungry (and some of us were hungover). Some of us wanted to walk into town and others decided to take a bus. The german girl left alone (kind of weird, but hey, she’s german 😉 ) and the rest split up in two groups. Within seconds we lost each other as no one knew where the rest was going. I guess that was kind of typical for this cruise 🙂

We had some fun watching sempo trying to convince a cop to give him an alcohol test (they were testing drivers coming off the ship, and with good reasons 🙂 ). At first the cop agreed, but later he changed his mind and told us that the line of waiting cars was too long. Bummer, since he was pretty drunk!

We found each other again a few busstops down the road and decided to go to McDonald’s. There we had some nice fat breakfast to kill our hangovers. After that, Tiina Duke and me were going to some place (turned out to be Café Java) since Tiina needed to talk some stuff over with Duke. They did their thing and I spent my time on the internet. After Tiina left, me and Duke stayed there for a couple of hours planning the next couple of days and catching up on email and CS stuff.

After a few hours we went back to Daniels place after asking him if we could maybe stay with him for one more night (since our stuff was there anyway and we were pretty beat up). We catched up with Daniel and I had some nice much needed sleep.

We had dinner and both worked on our blogs (I was now working on October 1st) while talking with Daniel and listening to music from either Daniel or me. We did not go to bed too late as we _really_ needed to catch up on some sleep.

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One Response to “Back in Helsinki”

  1. “trying to convince a cop to give him an alcohol test”. Sounds like something our buddy Maurice once did. The Dutch cops gave him the alcohol test and when it turned out he had four time the legal amount of alcohol in his system and because he was still driving a moped, they arrested him. Your friend Sempo probably got off lucky.