7 Oct 2007

Traveling and cultural tips about Norway

Posted by walterheck

I decided that after every country I visit I will make a blog post summarizing what I (think I) have learned about its culture, people or customs. Starting out with Norway, here are some traveling and cultural tips:

  • There are a lot of hot girls in Norway. I have no idea why girls are prettier in this country than in other countries, but it is true 🙂
  • Drinking is often done in the comfort of the own home. Norwegians are reasonably private people. It probably also helps that alcohol prices are so high that many people create their own alcoholic beverages, be it housewine or spirits. If and when they go out, there is something called vorspiel, which is basically getting shitfaced on cheap stuff so you don’t have to buy so much beer/alcohol in the pubs.
  • Norwegians have two languages: New Norwegian and traditional Norwegian. There is no clarity as to which one of the two is used the most. In some regions it is new Norwegian and in others it is traditional Norwegian.
  • Norwegians have their own mile which is about 10 kilometers. This is widely used, especially in the north.
  • The written Norwegian language is very similar to dutch, which makes it fairly easy to walk the streets as most signs make sense to you.
  • That said, the spoken language is nowhere near similar to dutch and as such for someone not knowing any other Nordic languages completely ununderstandable
  • Norwegians are very proud of their flag for some reason. You will find the Norwegian flag everywhere
  • The average price level is about 20-25% higher as it is in Holland. It might not be 100% accurate, but generally I got the feeling that you spend 20 Krone as if it was 2 Euro, while it is actually 2,50 Euro
  • Norway is an extremely safe country where you can safely leave your possessions unguarded for a while without worrying that it might not be there when you come back. I wish more countries had this morale
  • Despite the towering alcohol prices, everybody drinks like it was some cheap eastern European country. Of course the incomes are higher in Norway, but still 🙂
  • All strong alcohol is sold by one single shop. The government owns this company and as such has a monopoly on alcohol sales.
  • People in the north seem a bit more friendly and willing to help you than people in the south. Of course it is no rule of thumb, but I found it to be this way.
  • Norway does not have any bums or homeless people (or knows how to hide them _really_ well)
  • Even though Norway is famed for it’s metal scene, I didn’t feel there were more metalheads in any public place than for instance in Holland. Did I completely miss it because it is ‘underground’ or something?
  • Norway has some of the most breathtaking sceneries I have ever seen. Every part of my trip was beautiful, some even more astonishing than others.

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6 Responses to “Traveling and cultural tips about Norway”

  1. Mooie lijst Walter! Maar je had me al overtuigd bij het eerste feitje 😉



  2. He Walter, ik had inmiddels toch wel een nieuwe post verwacht. Nu moet ik gewoon gaan studeren omdat jij weer te lui was om iets te schrijven.



  3. Cool!



  4. Lekker bezig wally, en aan wat opmerkingen te zien tijd voor vakantie naar norwegen! 😀



  5. Great idea about the summary!! Keep going!



  6. as a person living in Northern Norway, i officially agree to the above information. but the girls in the south are pretier than in the north. the man as well, i think..hehe.

    they said when Viking invaded England, they stole all the prety girls from there and so that why they have many hot chicks and England has the rest..

    hehe..this is Norwegian joke, i promise!