6 Oct 2007

Alcohol cruise, Stockholm and back

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I woke up at what I thought was 8:30, but it soon turned out that the particular clock I looked at was still on Helsinki time (there is a one hour time difference 🙂 ), so it was only 7:30. Nevertheless I got up, hungry for water and breakfast. Yoav was also awake, so we decided to go ahead and grab breakfast while it was still rather quiet on the ship. The breakfast buffet was almost equally huge as the dinner buffet the night before. This time however we started slowly and as we were progressing, some of the other surfers started coming in. After a while I felt really tired and wanted to go back to bed for another hour as the ship was not docking before 9:30.

I went back to my hut and lay down. Next thing I know I’m being woken up by the surfers saying that we were in Stockholm. We got off the ship, which was almost as chaotic as getting on it the day before. The Stockholm surfers arrived a few minutes after we arrived to welcome us. Not all of us were out of the ship yet, however as the girls had just woken up and still needed to shower, powder their noses and get breakfast. We decided to go ahead without them so they could later catch up.

The Stockholmers seemed like a really friendly and active bunch! They took us to a little breakfast place that no one would ever find otherwise. We had the cosy basement to ourselves and had a lovely breakfast in there (Okay, all the cruisers just looked at the stockholmers having breakfast as we just had breakfast on the ship 🙂 ).

After breakfast and some relaxing we started walking towards stockholm’s old town. The old town is a beautiful area and it was very ncie to walk around in. It is quite hard to guide a group of about 25 people through a busy city though 😉 Somewhere along the way the sisters rejoined the group. We walked to the royal palace and witnessed the changing of the guards. It could have been very nice, but there was apparently some photographer taking pictures which made the whole thing a little touristy. Nevertheless, interesting to see 🙂

After that we decided to head into a pub as most of the stockholmers were ready for a drink and most of the cruisers were too tired to walk around all day. We quickly found a nice Irish pub were we all sat down. A number of us went out to explore the city a bit more and some other stayed in the pub. Duke and me went out to find a supermarket to buy dinner that we could eat on the ship on the way back.

Around 15.00 we started walking back to the ship as it was leaving at 16:30. As soon as we got back on the ship we continued drinking (I was only getting started then, but some of the Finn’s were drinking long before we got back to the ship 🙂 ). I shared buying two cases of beer with Duke, Yoav and Jani so we had more than enough beer for the night. We strolled around the ship again, spending some time everywhere. Duke played some more guitar and we listened some more 🙂

After all the bars had closed we had either lost everyone or they had gone to bed. The sisters decided to look for cabins that had after parties going on and I decided to tag along. The tactic of having two good looking girls go into cabins with open doors to check them out and only then showing up worked quite well 🙂 Before we knew it we were invited in by some polish guys who gave us some drinks and we had some nice talks (although the level was not too high since we were all pretty much drunk or exhausted)

In the end we went to bed at 6 am. Even though I had been drinking all night, it was apparently not at a pace that got me drunk, so it was a nice evening. Just a pity that we would be arriving to Helsinki at 9:30 🙁

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3 Responses to “Alcohol cruise, Stockholm and back”

  1. Walter,

    I’d love the name of that breakfast place you went. For the next time I’m in stockholm 🙂



  2. “which made the whole thing a little touristy.” Wait a minute, aren’t you a tourist? Or aren’t you? Damn, now you’ve got me all confused again, like that time with the disappearing glass, do you remember that? Damn man, that was some strange shit…




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