4 Oct 2007

Mexican narcoleptic slacking

Posted by walterheck

The thing I did not expect however was the major hangover next morning. I almost never have hangovers, so I was quite surprised at how strong this one was. I decided to stay horizontal, which automatically meant no embassies today (again!).

We spent our day basically laying in bed, watching some cartoons, downloading the first episodes of the new seasons of heroes and prison break and reading some mail. Duke went out for groceries as he felt sorry for me and we basically made sure we got up, got dressed, ate and cleaned up the place before Daniel came home from work.

After he came home Duek decided that he wanted to go pick up some stuff that he had left behind at a previous host’s place. Daniel and me decided to join him since I was feeling slightly better and Daniel had no plans either.

We made our way to Kaisa’s place (about half an hour away). She was very nice, making us some rice cakes (she hadn’t had dinner yet) and good tea. We discussed all kinds of various things among which a cock’n’ball shower quite common in Finland and the upcoming single-parent adoption Kaisa was getting ready for. We almost went to the sauna (this would have been my first in Finland), but didn’t have time for it. We went home around 21:45 as I had a conference call scheduled with Casey to do my ThaiCSC application interview.

Luckily Casey overslept, so when I came home he was not up yet. I waited around doing other stuff until he came online. When he finally did, our host Daniel had already gone to bed so a voice call was not really possible anymore. We decided to do the whole thing in chat and got started. It feels really weird to have to apply to help couchsurfing all of a sudden. I knew even before we started that the only reason that I would not be accepted is the fact that my PHP-skills are low.

After the interview I talked a bit with Casey and he said that he would not be able to make a fair decision in the next 8 hours. Fair enough, but that meant that I was not going to the ThaiCSC except for when I could make use of the scholarship they are offering to pay for a flight there from Europe. I figured the chances of that happening small so I was kind of glad to have some answers. Too bad though, I really feel like I could have made a difference there 🙁

After the call I did some stuff, watched some heroes and then went to bed.

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4 Responses to “Mexican narcoleptic slacking”

  1. No ThaiCSC? 🙁 Was hoping that would work out since your colleagues at Coolblue would have heard from you a bit more then…

    But I get the feeling your agenda is filled woth all kinds of stuff, so work would have been in the way of that anyway. And this is your opportunity to really keep on moving!

    Still looking for that Kodak moment with a Coolblue plastic bag (or Vanessa T-shirt for that matter) per country. We _will_ hunt you down when not making those as promissed you know 😉



  2. Hey Walter! Ik zie dat je al veel gedaan heb 🙂 En er zitten hele mooie foto’s bij. Ben zo vrij geweest om er een paar te “lenen” 😉 hoop dat je dat goed vindt. Neem maar eens een kijkje op http://www.coolcatnl.web-log.nl.
    Veel plezier en groetjes Jackie!
    Groetjes Catje.



  3. Duuude! How did we not mention the drilling in our blogs???



  4. You know, we could hunt him down anyway, for being limburger 😀

    Love the pictures m8, more funny looking hats pls!