3 Oct 2007

A new experience

Posted by walterheck

Next morning I woke up around 8 and I started writing some blog entry. I am slowly realizing that this takes considerable amount of time, but I feel it is well worth it. When I write this, it is October 10th and I just looked at my stats: an average of 100 readers a day, and 90 comments on 42 blog posts. Not bad for a personal blog about nothing 🙂

Around 9 I started waking Duke up since we wanted to go to the embassy (he to the US Embassy for information and me to the Russian embassy for a visa application). While Duke was waking up, I was chatting with Casey. Earlier, back in Holland he had said that I would definitely have to come to the collective if it was his decision. Now he felt that he had to be more honest and give all the 10 applicants for the 3 positions an equal chance. That meant an interview with each and every one of the applicants. Personally I had a hard time understanding why there were only 3 developer positions while there was so much work to do. It felt like couchsurfing was not using the resources available to them for free (everyone working at a collective that is not paid couchsurfing staff works there as a volunteer).

I told Casey that I could not wait for that, even though I fully understood his reasons for it. The reason I could not wait was that applying for a Russian visa means losing your passport for 10 working days. Every day I waited with applying, would mean an extra day in Finland on top of the two weeks that I would not have my passport. I also knew that if I was not going to the Thailand collective, I would rather stick to my super original (as in, the plan I had months ago before Thailand collective was even in existence) plan of staying in Europe for 3 months.

All in all I told Casey that I would wait one more day for his decision and that after that there would be no Walter at ThaiCSC. I could tell that it was hard for him, but he stuck to his plan and told me he would try to make a decision in the next 24 hours.

I relayed this whole thing to Duke who was happy enough to not have to wake up so fast. We took our sweet time to get up and get dressed. We sent Tiina, the third Rotterdam musketeer, a message asking if she would like to meet up before the metal pub crawl she organized for me (how cool is this chick, she doesn’t even like metal that much herself?!) that evening. She told us to meet her at three at the train station and Duke and me decided to walk there. We left shortly before two and arrived at quarter past three. Tiina was waiting there. I was happy to see her again. Her smile always makes you feel happy!

We decided to go buy some beers and drink them in a park somewhere so we wouldn’t have to get drunk later on in the night on expensive pub beers. Before we bought those beers we went to have a bite to eat at some place Tiina had a coupon for. We bought the beers and made our way to a park. It was cold, but the beer kept us warm (err…).

After drinking the beers we made our way to the first bar of the pub crawl. It was located in an area called Kallio in Helsinki that is quite notorious for its drunks. And this is not for nothing. It was around 7 pm and in the few hundred meters we walked through the area we saw several completely drunk people. By now I started to feel like Helsinki is a permanent festival ground: drunks and metal heads (sometimes even drunk metal heads 😉 ) are the most normal thing around here.

We made our way into the first pub and we were surprised that there was a happy hour going on: 0,4l beer for 2€. This was not going to end well… Slowly some cs’ers and some of Tiina’s friends started coming in and soon enough there was a group of about ten people.

We drank a couple of beers and then made our way to the next bar. Along the way we saw some nice fireworks from the waterside (pics in the gallery). After that we made our way to the next bar where a live band was playing. Part drunk and big part tired/narcoleptic I fell asleep so I did not see too much of this band  (In fact, I needed Duke’s blog entry to actually realize we were there 😉 ).

It was rather quiet in these metal places, whereas everyone told us that normally it would be much busier on Wednesday nights. The reason for this: a metal cruise. You heard it, a metal cruise. This is a cruise ship that sails to Estonia and back in one night (so you can drink tax free beer 😉 ) and has a bunch of live bands performing on it! I really cannot believe how mainstream metal is here!

After this bar we made our way to the next one: a metal karaoke bar! Duke actually got me to sing a song with him (ok, I was pretty hammered by this time, but still ;)), so we got on stage and performed “tribute” by Tenacious D. Once again I was happy to have my not so drunk, extremely musical buddy with me. And once again, I was reminded why I don’t do this kind of thing (ever!): I start reading the lyrics since I don’t know them by heart and then hopelessly fuck up the timing since I start singing after I read them but by then the song has already progressed further. I know, all you musical people are laughing your ass off, but at least I can fix your computers 😉

After this, some more people sang some songs but I fell asleep hanging over a bar. Funny how everybody immediately assumes you’re hammered when you do that in a bar late at night 😉 Pretty soon it got even worse: I literally fell over on the ground while sleeping… twice! Some nice lady came up to me and said that I had to leave the bar. Since I was drunk and didn’t feel like explaining the whole narcolepsy story, we decided to call it a night and head home. I relied on Duke and Daniel to get me home and have a hard time remembering how I ended up in my own bed. Oh well, I guess this was nothing short of my expectations of the night 🙂

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2 Responses to “A new experience”

  1. “but at least I can fix your computers”
    Remeber my son, with great power comes great responsibility…




  2. And here’s the proof that you actually did sing at the heavy metal karaoke (granted, it was Tenacious D, but Duke did manage to get you to sing!)