1 Oct 2007

The idiote Mexicaan

Posted by walterheck

The next morning we got up early. Samuli made me my first finnish breakfast as I somehow had managed to miss them up until now :). After that, he went to work and I stayed behind to take a shower and pack up my stuff.

I walked to the train station and bought a ticket to Tampere. It was only 30€ so that wasn’t too bad. The train was a little late, so I was happy that I had about 20 minutes to change trains in Seinäjoki. I used my time on the train to write some blog entries, organize some pictures and sleep a bit.

I arrived to Tampere half an hour late but very happy as I was about to meet my roomie Duke again. He arrived to Tampere airport a few hours before coming back from Holland where he had met his girlfriend Nanouk. 

I rushed my way to the place we were supposed to meet and found him there playing World of Warcraft on his computer in the McDonald’s through an open wireless network. Good to see he hasn’t changed a bit 🙂 We catched up on what we both had been up to and before we knew it Yoav, our host for the night arrived to pick us up. Yoav is an Israeli guy living and studying in Tampere. It turned out that he had been waiting for Duke at the other McDonald’s for a few hours.

We decided to go back to Yoav’s place first to drop off our bags so we could go into the city without dragging all our stuff with us. Yoav took us to his house and treated us to some Israeli coffee. This is mayb e the second time in 26 years that I tried coffee and I must say that I quite liked it. According to Duke this coffee was especially good though 🙂

After a while Yoav had to go to University and we went to town. Yoav told us about a tower that was almost as high (140m) as the main lookout tower of the city (160m), only free and much nicer. We decided to look for it but never managed to find it. Everybody we asked said that we were really close but we walked for two hours not finding the damn thing. At least it gave us some time to catch up. When we got tired of searching we went to a Kebab-place and had an afternoon snack.

We came into the place just in time as it started raining quite bad outside. One of the (many) interesting things about finland is that everybody is so trustful and kind. You can easily leave eg your laptop somewhere and it will still be there when you get back. There are not many places left where you can do that without worrying! In this case, it took about 5 minutes for someone to show up, giving us all the chance in the world to rob the whole place. It’s just that nobody even thinks of things like this here, which is such a great feeling. This country restores your faith in Humanity a little bit again 🙂

Anyway, we ate and went to some small kiosk at the other side of the street to take some more shelter for the rain that just wouldn’t stop. We waited for a bit and played the slot machine for some change we had left. After that the weather was a little better so we decided to go home.

Along the way home we realized that we had been so busy talking with Yoav the last time that we had no idea where we were or where to get off. Luckily the stop we thought we recognized was very close to the one that we _should_ have recognized 😉 We bought some stuff to cook spaghetti for Yoav and went to his place. Yoav was right behind us, so we waited for him a little bit.

At Yoav’s I cooked dinner while Duke and Yoav spent some time on the computer and talking. After dinner we spent the rest of the night on the computer while talking. Yoav is one of the chat addicts, and Duke and me are just plain nerds, so it was a good night for all of us! At the end of the evening I fell asleep on the couch as I was very tired.

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One Response to “The idiote Mexicaan”

  1. So many bottles of beer, and so few cups of coffee, I don’t know how you manage it. Anyway, it’s good to see your faith in human kind has improved somewhat. Sadly there are always a lot of Dutch people in Finland however, so don’t leave your stuff unattended for too long.