30 Sep 2007

No, I will not fix your computer!

Posted by walterheck

The next morning Bruno left early as he was moving on. We said goodbye and I went back to bed. When I woke up, I finished reinstalling Susso’s computer. She had to leave to clean her mom’s place so I stayed behind to finish the computer. When I was almost finished fixing the computer she came back with her mom and her sister.

Marianne told me that her computer was also broken, so I decided to stay in the computer fixing mood and head over to her place to fix her computer. They gave me a ride to her place and after we waited a bit in the car because Marianne wanted to clean up before letting me in I went inside and fixed her computer. While waiting in the car I decided that it would probably be a good idea to spend the night at Samuli’s instead of Marianne’s since I missed out on meeting Samuli the day before and Marianne was really tired from the previous two nights.

I fixed Marianne’s computer and then used it for a while to see if it would keep working. After an hour or so I decided to leave and go and meet Samuli in the city center. I realized that I had no clue where I was in the city so I just walked outside and started asking people. It turned out to be a good 45 minute walk, which was quite nice. Walking around a city is the best way to see it: you actually have the time to see stuff 🙂

I met Samuloi and we went to his place. We had nice spaghetti for dinner and had some very nice conversations. Later on we watched a finnish movie that was pretty nice to see (apparently that doesn’t happen too much with Finnish movies). After that we watched one of the dutch movies that I carry around with me on my laptop. I have a feeling that I will be seeing these movies a lot over the course of my trip 🙂

After the movies we decided to sleep as Samuli had to work the next day and I wanted to take the 9 o’clock train to be in Tampere at noon to meet my old roomie Duke (yay!). 

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2 Responses to “No, I will not fix your computer!”

  1. He Walter,

    Niet teveel computers repareren! Dat lijkt veel teveel op werk en daarvoor ben je niet op reis. Maar in ieder geval mooi dat je je vermaakt. Waar wil je trouwens na Scandinavie naar toe? Rusland of zo…. Als je weer terug zou komen naar Nederland, heb ik nog een rondleiding Rotterdam van je tegoed. Dat Wandelend de stad bekijken lijkt me namelijk een goed idee. Om een of andere reden kwamen we zelden echt ver van je appartement in Rotterdam.




  2. Door Rotterdam lopen is helemaal niet leuk met een kater. Daarom.