28 Sep 2007

Marianna and Marianne, confused yet?

Posted by walterheck

The following morning we woke up around 9:00. I didn’t have a hangover, but Kaisa and Marianna apparently did. I checked some email and we decided to go for a drive around Vaasa. The girls kept insisting that there was not much to do around Vaasa, but I refused to believe that.

First we drove to a bridge that is the longest bridge in Finland. We parked the car and had some coffee at the base of the bridge in some lunchroom. The weather was good and I enjoyed it very much. After that, we went to see the lowest lookout tower I have ever seen. It was located on a small parking ground close to the bridge on the lake-shores. It was approximately three stories high, which seemed even more ridiculous when you see that all the trees surrounding it are larger than the whole tower 🙂

Next, we went to the old town of Vaasa. A bunch of ruins that were left from the old town that burned down over 150 years ago. There were some remains of a church and a priest school all beautifully located in a nice park.

The last stop was the ice stadium where we inquired for the possibility of hiring ice skates so we could go ice skating that night (Marianna was an ice hockey player). Unfortunately they didn’t, so we returned home.

I started the hunt for my lost glasses up in Hammerfest and did some other stuff. We watched a very disturbing movie about the wife of a murdering rapist that slowly gets sucked into the same life. After that, while the girls were cooking dinner (they refused to let me help 🙂 ) I wrote some more emails.

Somewhere during the day Marianna called her boyfriend and mentioned that I was staying at her place. He completely didn’t like that so within the hour he was there to check me out. It was all kind of awkward, but as long as it was no problem for Marianna it wasn’t for me. Later they got in a huge fight over me staying there. Sorry!

After dinner we went to visit Marianna’s mother which was quite fun. She served us some nice tea and cookies and kept apologizing for not cleaning the house and not wearing appropriate clothes (both of which were absolutely not of a disturbing level for me 🙂 ). She spoke good English so it was easy to have a conversation with her. It is always nice to meet parents of Cs’ers as they usually enjoy meeting their children’s guests.

After that we were going to Leena, a friend of Susanne and Marianne to watch some karaoke show on tv. I met Bruno, a dutch guy that had gotten me a couch two days ago at Phillippe’s place (well, he didn’t actively do anything, but Philippe called me back initially because he thought it was Bruno who was in trouble in the woods around Sodankylä). We sang songs (well, I tried but I suck at music or lyrics ;)) and I watched if I could match the lyrics printed on screen to the sounds of the Finnish songs.

Marianna and Kaisa went home early because Kaisa wasn’t feeling too good (and I’m guessing it also had something to do with Marianna and Arie (the boyfriend) fighting. I decided to stay behind and go back to Marianna’s later. We played a drinking game I had learned in Tromso a few days before and had a lot of fun! Slowly we got a little drunk, which improved us having fun at the game 🙂 Somewhere in between we played a game that is known in Holland by the name of ‘spijkerpoepen’, which also proves to be quite difficult when under the influence 🙂

At the end of the night I fell asleep in a chair (surprise, surprise 🙂 ) and because it was hard to wake me up, Bruno and the sisters decided to sleep over. A fun night!

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One Response to “Marianna and Marianne, confused yet?”

  1. Dude, I was already confused about this disappearing glass thing a couple of days ago and now you start with this Marianna/Marianne thing. This isn’t helping my mental clarity, Walter. Where did the glass go man? Things don’t just disappear… Was it a big bang in reverse? Was god involved? Perhaps the glass just turned invisible…