24 Sep 2007

Attempt for Nordkapp, no 2

Posted by walterheck

When we woke up the next morning, the outside of our tents was frozen completely. I hadn’t been cold, but I could feel that this was as much as my sleeping bag could comfortably take (plus my tent is only a toystore, single layered tent).

We made some tea to warm up, packed our bags and started hitchhiking. Or, well, we wanted to start hitchhiking. Instead we just waited and waited and waited for a car that was going in our direction and was actually not full. We tried hitchhiking together, separately and even hiding while the other person was trying to get a car. Nothing seemed to work.

After a couple of hours we decided this was not going to work and Jeff decided to turn back as he was on a limited time schedule. As I have all the time in the world, I decided to keep on going. I said goodbye to Jeff. It was very nice traveling with him, even if it was just for a day. Hope to see you again in some unexpected place soon, man!

Of course, 15 minutes after Jeff left, I got a ride. It was from a guy going 10 km in my direction (he was going hunting), dropping me off in the middle of nowhere (no, this time _really_ in the middle of nowhere). There was literally nothing there except the road and a small patch of gravel that I was standing on. Apparently that made people pity me, since I was picked up rather quickly.

I was dropped off at the point where the road splits off: north to Honningsvag (the only town before Nordkapp) and south to Finland. There were hardly any cars, so I decided to start walking in the direction of Nordkapp. I felt excited, even though I still had 120Km to go!

After 6 or 7 Km walking, I was picked up by some kids in a van, that only went 2 km in my direction. I took the ride and they drove me an extra 5 km. I was dropped in a little fisher settlement and continued walking up the road. By now I felt like Frodo trying to reach mount doom; losing all my friends along the way, determined to reach my goal. I looked around for Gollum, but he wasn’t there 😉

Finally I was picked up by a friendly guy called Odd (ready for another Benny story, anyone? Read on!). He told me he was going to Honningsvag, but needed to stop at his summer house first. He asked me if I wanted to come along to see it. I did as I liked the guy and it seemed like fun (oh yeah, and he was my only chance to reach at least Honningsvag today 😉 ).

His summer house turned out to have a driveway of about 500m that was not exactly Ferrari proof. Basically, he just threw the 4×4 vehicle we were in off e pile of rocks and through some muddy grounds I thought were impossible to cross. Yet he did it with such calmness and expertise that I guessed it wasn’t his first time. This was the only way to reach the house besides going over water by boat. The house was located at the shores of the fjord and was very beautiful. In the middle of nowhere it had running water from a well and power from sun cells.

I helped him carry in some chairs he had just bought. Wondering how the hell he had planned on getting these big chairs inside without my help, he later would confess that that was the reason he picked me up in the first place 🙂

After that we went back up the hill taking another off road path and just when I thought the hardest part was over, he realized he forgot something, turned the car around and threw it back down. I was happy, since I liked the offroad experience 🙂

After we were back on the main road (an actual paved road, wow 😉 ) he told me that he lived a little outside Honningsvag and since his wife and three of his four kids were not at home, he invited me to stay the night at his house. I figured that was a lot better than spending another night outside in the freezing arctic cold and said yes.

Before we went there we made a little detour to a friend’s summer house. He lived even further from the main road 🙂 We went inside the house for a bit and while they were speaking Norwegian, I was looking around. Some random things that caught my eye: a banana (I remember thinking what a hell of a journey that banana must have followed to end up in a house in the northernmost tip of Europe in the middle of nowhere 🙂 ), a genuine Gorbatschov matroushka (I can feel in more things that we are getting closer to Russia ;)) and some radio’s and antennas that were used to follow ships and radio stations.

After this little pit-stop, we went back on our way to Honningsvag. We got to the beautiful house, which was beautifully located high above the fjord. Odd pointed me towards the shower (which I very much needed 😉 ), the washing machine (also needed 😉 ) and then he cooked dinner for him, his daughter and me. We had meatballs, mashed potatoes and mashed pees. A nice heavy meal that I could definitely use after a long hard day like this one!

After dinner we talked a little bit, I worked on my blog (the more things I experience, the harder it gets to stay up to date : )) And then I went to bed nto very late. I got to stay in his other daughter’s  room (she was not at home obviously 🙂 ), and I thoroughly enjoyed the night in a real bed.

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8 Responses to “Attempt for Nordkapp, no 2”

  1. Haha, lachen die vergelijking met Frodo! Ik heb dat gevoel ook vaker gehad als ik ergens in “another” middle of nowhere liep!
    Doe alsof je mueslirepen Elvenbrood zijn, je rugzak de aks van Gimli en je ring DE ring… in tijden van verveling heb je zo weer een uurtje vol gefantaseerd!



  2. Alleen als je al te lang dat soort dingen fantaseert in the middle of nowhere, dan verlies je jezelf er misschien wel in.
    En het is maar de vraag of je nog een lift krijgt als je met bloeddoorlopen ogen, psychotisch op een muesli-reep aan’t sabbelen bent. 😉

    Maar een speelgoedtentje.. Dat lijkt me toch een tikje guur, zo in de buurt van Noordkaap?



  3. Hey Walter

    Ik heb net pas je blog ontdekt en aan 1 stuk alle posts gelezen. Grappig dat je al die dingen, die wij in 15 jaar met scouting door Europa rondtrekken meemaken, in 1 maand door Noorwegen liften meemaakt. Adembenemende natuur, onverwachte feestjes, politieke discussies, gastvrije mensen en onverwachte mee/tegenvallers al dan niet financieel.

    Ik hoop dat het je op je verdere reis goed gaat en misschien moet je toch wat betere op je spullen gaan letten als je in de wat dodgiërer landen komt, Ewouds zijn suggestie van jezelf eraan vastketenen is misschien nog niet zo’n slechte 😛

    Keep the blogposts coming want ze zijn erg amusant om te lezen en ik zal eens wat meer mensen porren om erop te replyen zodat je wat meer uit het zuiden van Nederland hoort dan ‘Fun’ facts van ons tv/wikipedia oracle Ruud :).

    Veel plezier op het vervolg van je reis en doe Duke de groeten als je hem ergens in Finland tegenkomt.

    grtz Olaf



  4. He Heck,

    Op bepaalde punten van het verhaal begon ik me zorgen te maken over de hoofdpersoon. Gelukkig besefte ik me al snel dat je in de wildernis maar weinig wifi netwerken hebt en dat het verhaal dus hoogstwaarschijnlijk een goede afloop kreeg. Maar geweldig toch, zo’n bed na een koude nacht buiten. Wat dat buiten betreft weet ik nog wel een leuk tentje voor je. (sadistische grijns) In ieder geval nog veel plezier!


    p.s. Ruud en ik gaan binnenkort waarschijnlijk naar Sardinie om te wandelen.



  5. Dude, Frodo didn’t lose all his friends, Samwise stuck by him all the way. Of course you wouldn’t know that not having read the book. You’ve been corrupted bij Peter Jackson and his need to create some unnessesary personal drama in a great story that really didn’t need it… But before I start ranting about the LOTR movies again i’ll just change the subject and say that I’m glad all that hitchhiking worked out. Sounds like you’re really starting to love Norway, It’s allmost a shame you have to leave it to visit the rest of the world.




  6. Yeah yeah, you’ve got a great sleeping bag, we know that now! Jeez, why don’t you just sleep with the damn thing if you love it that much man, get it out of your system!




  7. Hey Walter,

    Zo te lezen ben je nog steeds stevig on the move!
    Het is erg leuk om je verhalen te lezen. Man je zou er een boek van moeten maken als je thuis komt.

    Ik lees je bolg niet elke dag (zit niet elke dag achter de computer) maar blijf je wel volgen. De manier waarop je je belevenissen omschrijft is gewoon te leuk om te missen. Eigenlijk zou iedereen dat eens moeten doen gewoon een periode helemaal op jezelf aangewezen zijn en de wereld ontdekken.

    Veel plezier en veel goede lifts met leuke mensen.

    groetjes marion



  8. Zo, we zijn weer thuis, de vloer ziet er mooi uit, de spullen staan weer op hun plaatsen, mijn rug is kapot en nu heb ik weer tijd om te lezen. Zo te horen is de wereld vol met goede en aardige mensen, of verberg je de rest voor ons (je ouders)? Blijf genieten en je over de schoonheid van de natuur verbazen.

    Liefs, mam