22 Sep 2007

I have to get out of this place!

Posted by walterheck

The next morning we hung out at Jon’s place as most of us were pretty hung over (I was smart enough to drink only beer the night before, so I was doing reasonably fine 😉 ). Canadian Jeff came out of one bedroom with a girl and Jon (being the player he supposedly is 😉 ) came out of another bedroom with the girl that was telling us so proudly the day before that she was the only girl in Tromsø that he didn’t do. Guess that was settled 🙂

Matt and I dragged our asses to the nearest supermarket to get some breakfast. Along the way we both came to the conclusion that we had to leave Tromsø as soon as possible as it was a lot of fun, but also way too expensive. In addition to that I was getting annoyed by Canadian Jeff more and more, so I decided to prepare for leaving Tromsø the next morning. Matt would be leaving the same night with the Hurtigruten.

When we got back to the house with food, we were the heroes of the day as we were the only ones fit enough (or motivated enough 😉 ) to walk to the supermarket. I made some food (baked eggs with sausages) and when no one showed up for the first round fast enough, Matt and I ate that round. The rest cooked their own food, and we all felt a lot better after eating something.

We hung around some more and then decided to go back over to Eric’s place since Matt’s clothes were there (and he obviously needed to pick them up before leaving Tromsø) and Jon’s car was also still there. Along the way we met a very smelly French Jeff (he just came back from a 2 day climbing/hiking tour of the mountains behind Tromsø) and he decided to walk with us.

Jon cooked dinner for us at Eric’s place and we decided to hang out at Eric’s for the night (except for Jon who obviously needed to go to some party as it was only the fourth night in a row for him 🙂 )

Somewhere along the day French Jeff first decided to travel south with Matt, but later on he decided that he still wanted to try to reach North Cape by hitchhiking. Since that was also my plan (being so close and then not going there felt stupid), we decided to travel together. We decided on a hitchhiking contest from Tromsø to Nordkapp (a good 600km!) the next day.

We said goodbye to Matt and then went to bed relatively early after a lazy night on the couch since we wanted to start early the next day.

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One Response to “I have to get out of this place!”

  1. Jon & Jeff komen allebei met een meid van hun kamer af en jij PRAAT met een metalmeid…?!
    Of heb je nog een blog ernaast alleen voor de incrowd?? 😉

    Goed om te lezen dat het allemaal zo goed bevalt!