21 Sep 2007

Slackin’ around Tromsø

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I woke up (luckily without a hangover!) and said goodbye to Eric who was going to see his girlfriend in Bodo for the weekend. After he was gone, I sat behind my computer for a couple of hours, going through emails and couchsurfing stuff.

A couple of hours after Canadian Jeff (not to be mixed up by French Jeff 🙂 ) woke up and Australian Matt joined us, we decided to go for a walk in the city. Eric’s downstairs neighbor Lars joined us for the walk. We walked into the city center and for lack of anything better to do, we decided to go to a terrace and have nice beer in the late afternoon sunshine (300Km north of the Arctic Circle and it felt like a cold spring day in NL). I talked with Matt quite a bit and told him about couchsurfing a bit (he was losing his virginity on Jon’s couch). We got along very well. After that we walked around a bit and went to another pub to check out the girls the beer there. Somewhere in between I bought some gloves as it seemed that I was finally getting north enough to justify them 🙂

After hanging out there, we went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients for dinner (I was going to cook my infamous spaghetti again) and met up with Jon, a couchsurfing host from Tromsø. We went back to Eric’s place and had dinner and some beers there. After that, we took a taxi (main mode of transportation in Tromsø when going out, it seems) to the center of the city and checked out some pubs.

I got talking to a girl who recognized my Wacken-wristbands. We talked about a while lot of things and sort of followed the rest of the crew to all the pubs we were going to. It was fun talking to a fellow metal head again 🙂

After pub closing time, we took a taxi to Jon’s place for an after party. Me, not being very good at sitting on a couch when not sober and stay awake, fell asleep after about an hour (I was actually quite proud making it that long 😉 ) and crashed on Jon’s couch for the rest of the night (with a full blown after party in swing around me 😉 ).

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