19 Sep 2007

Lofoten, breathtakingly beautiful

Posted by walterheck

View over Kabelvaag

The next day my host and her roommate had to go to their school from 9.00 till 15.00, so I went out to explore the village. I went out onto the peer which had the most amazing view to the town (pictures in the gallery). After sitting there for a couple of hours I went back and sidetracked to a small track leading up to some rocks looking out over the fjords. I climbed them and sat there for another hour. This Lofoten area is overwhelmingly beautiful. Steep rock formations, combined with idyllic villages and beautiful fjords.

When I saw some rain coming my way from the fjord, I decided to go back to the little town and make some use of the free wifi access in the town’s café/coffeeshop. I sat there until it was 15.00 and I realized that I had forgotten my glasses and my phone in Martina’s room. Since I was supposed to call her when it was three, I had a problem. I tried calling her through skype, but she didn’t pick up. Oh, shit 🙂

I decided to walk over to her house as it was already close to 16.00 and figured she might be at home. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Since my phone was still in her room and my best chance of figuring out where she was, I figured I needed to walk back to the main square (I feel that it _is_ big enough to call it that 😉 ) and pick up some wifi access to try calling her through skype again. I did and she picked up this time. Turned out she was still in her school hanging out with her roommate. I went there too and we hung out for a bit.

Around 19.00 Martina and her roommate needed to attend a guest college by their teacher, so I went back to the café to use some more internet. After a bit, one of Martina’s friends from the night before showed up explaining that she had missed the class because she fell asleep on her couch. This would never happen to me 😉 I talked with her until the rest of the group showed up and we spent the night in the pub because it was “cheap” beer night (55 Krone for 0,6l beer (!)).

At some point I played some pool with Martina which ended up in three guys challenging me (looks like all that break-taking at CoolBlue finally payed off 😉 ). Since I like pool and it is fun to finally win at a game, I enjoyed it very much. We went home too late, and Martina considered herself too drunk (I only drank two beers in 6 hours). We went home, talked some more and went to sleep.

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4 Responses to “Lofoten, breathtakingly beautiful”

  1. Heb je nu je bril en je telefoon wel bij je?
    Dat twee bier in zes uur is dat om mij gerust te stellen?
    Schitterende foto’s!



  2. Wow, you REALLY are keeping your blog up to date, big guy. It’s not easy when yo’re traveling and doing so much, is it?
    Now go and see yor stupid northern lights, so we can meet up in Helsinki!




  3. He walter!
    Het ziet er inderdaad weer mooi uit. Als brildrager kan ik je trouwens adviseren je bril gewoon op je neus te houden, dan vergeet het ding aanmerkelijk minder vaak. Jouw reislust heeft Ruud en mij inmiddels ook aangezet tot het zoeken naar een wandelbestemming voor begin November. Ik denk dat we voor het voltooien van het Pieterpad nog even een jaartje op je wachten. Dus je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken. Ik zie trouwens in de comment van Duke dat je het noorderlicht wil gaan bekijken. Weet je zeker dat het daar wel de juiste tijd van het jaar voor is? Hier is het verder nog altijd komkommertijd.





  4. Laat eens wat van je horen. We zijn net terug van een week weggeweest en er is niks nieuws te lezen!

    We wachten gespannen af.