18 Sep 2007

Hitchhiking in the dark

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I got up (as usual I would almost say 😉 ) to see the sunrise. This time it was a little more beautiful, but not as spectacular as it could have been. I had my last breakfast on the boat, went to bed a little after that to sleep some more, and woke up when we were almost in Bodo. I wanted to find some internet access again to download some email and send Martina (my next host) a message about my arrival. Almost running through the drizzle, I found a very nice café with free internet access. It was lightning fast so I uploaded my pics from the previous days and some blog posts, as well as downloading all my mail and uploading part of my backups. Then I ran back to the boat.

Back on the panorama deck, I got talking to a couple from the US. We had a very nice talk and they invited me to their home in Olympia, Washington if I would ever come near there. The guy was head of tourism in the state capital, so he convinced me that Olympia really was a nice city. Looks like I might have to go there 😉

After talking to them, I prepared my backpack to hitchhike and I prepared myself as well. T-shirt, blouse, fleece sweater and rain coat on top, underwear, hiking pants and rain pants on the bottom.

I got off the ship a little late, called Martina (my host) to let her know and went on my way to Kabelvaag. It was pitch dark and drizzling. I started walking towards the main road and lifted my thumb for every car I met along the way. The fifth car (hitchhiking in the north easier than in the south, anyone?) stopped and the girls inside turned out to be Belgian girls. They took me to Kabelvaag where it took me a considerable amount of time to find the main square. Asking a passer-by who insists that Kabelvaag doesn’t have a main square is not really reassuring at 22.00 in the night when it is raining :). In the end I found it and Martina told me to go to the pub to meet her there.

I waited in the pub for a couple of minutes and then Martina and two of her friends showed up. We had a beer (I took a cola to create some more trust 🙂 ) and some of their friends showed up. They were talking in Norwegian virtually the whole time but I didn’t mind as that gave me the time to observe them all a little bit. Apparently there was an art- and filmschool in this little town  that they were all attending. After a while we returned to the house and after talking a bit we went to bed.

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