17 Sep 2007

Not what I expected (but what is these days ;) )

Posted by walterheck

The next day I got up early again to find the same deal: lots of grey, not very spectacular. This time it didn’t get much better (or was I spoiled yesterday?). When I woke up, we were docked in Trondheim. I didn’t really have a reason to go out, so I decided to stay in. I had breakfast, hung around the ship all day and did some computer stuff. Interesting was that all of a sudden puke bags had started appearing everywhere o n the ship. I found out why soon enough (although the bags seemed overkill ;)): the waves got a lot rougher today. We had waves splashing as high as deck 7 (one deck above the bridge). In the evening, I had dinner with some bread rolls and some sardines I had left in my cabin. I watched another spectacular sundown. I decided that I was gonna stay on the ship a bit longer. I originally was supposed to get off at Bodo, but since my next host was going to be on the Lofoten islands (Kabelvåg, to be exact), I decided that I needed to make the ferry trip anyway. I paid  a little bit of extra money and then went off to bed early again.

The trip today was very nice, but nothing near as spectacular as the one  yesterday. I enjoyed myself very much nonetheless 🙂

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One Response to “Not what I expected (but what is these days ;) )”

  1. Jep, the puke bag, an alcoholics best friend. The appearance of puke bags is indeed a rather ominous sign, glad to hear you made it all right. You may find it interesting to know that there are streets in Emmeloord, Utrecht and Amersfoort also called Lofoten. (Or you may not, which is actually a lot more likely, but there you are…)