16 Sep 2007

oohh and ahhh..

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I woke up early hoping to see a beautiful sunrise. Instead, it was raining and grey. Nevertheless, it was very beautiful to see everything gain some color slowly while more and more daylight emerged. At 7.30 I had breakfast. Since I had paid so much for the trip on the ferry, I din’t have money for dinner. Instead I decided to eat as much as I could at breakfast and then have some bread rolls that I had in my cabin for dinner. I am glad I decided this, because this breakfast buffet was the biggest I have ever seen!

After eating as much as I could I spent some time walking around the ship and enjoying the marvelous views (they are truly amazing and I’m not even going to try to describe them here, check the gallery for examples) until we got to a place called Alesund. Since we had three hours in this town and it looked beautiful from the ship, I decided to get off. I had two goals: one was checking my email and sending a message to Joanna to explain what happened. The other was to climb up the hill next to Alesund and enjoy the view from 130m up high. Climbing up and enjoying the view was easy (climbing down was less pleasant for my knees 😉 ). My other goal proved to be more challenging. I am quite sure that Alesund is a secret marine intelligence base: I found about 50 wireless networks, not one of them being unprotected (unless it was commercial). I have never seen this in my life, especially not in a town that is so much in the middle of nowhere!

In the end I used one of the commercial ones since after two hours of searching I still had zilch 🙁 I paid with my credit card as that seemed the easiest, but due to a fuckup in their system I ended up paying twice (great, one more thing I have to take care of, getting my money back). Anyway, I connected, pulled in over 300 new emails and posted a blog post that I had waiting. I saw and email from Joanna flash by that her hike had taken longer than expected and she hadn’t returned until 19:45. Glad I didn’t wait for her! I sent her an email back explaining what I did.

I got back on the boat, we left Alesund and carried on this amazing trip. I spent my time watching the truly amazing sundown from outside on the front of the ship (I’m the king of the world, anyone? 😉 ). There was heavy wind (I’d estimate at least force 8 or 9) which rocked the ship pretty hard, but I was having the time of my life (check me laughing in the pictures 😉 ). Another man came out, but he went back in, since he was almost blown off the ship. Guess there is an advantage to being a big guy after all :). Just as the sun was setting, the sister ship of our ship was passing by and they greeted each other with some loud horn blowing like two birds cheerfully singing in the sunset.

After sundown (frozen and beat up, but as happy as a man can get), I returned to my hut to edit some video (everyone waiting for the various videos: see, I’m working on it, just give me some time 😉 ) and go to bed later. What a beautiful, breathtaking, amazing day! This Hurtigruten is already definitely worth my money and supposedly it is only getting better and better as we go more north!

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4 Responses to “oohh and ahhh..”

  1. Hallo Walter,

    Heb zo juist je fotoserie van de bootreis bekeken. Ziet er inderdaad schitterend uit. Gelujjig heb je er verder goed weer bij zo te zien. Die storm zie je niet aan de foto’s af.

    Ben benieuwd of het al donker begint te worden als je binnen de poolcirkel bent gekomen.





  2. To complete the story with my key: Joanna didn’t read that mail Walter sent her, when I was about to knock on her door. Noone opened, when I first knocked, noone did when I knocked louder. I was getting nervous, I had a long journey behind me, two couchsurfer were waiting downstairs and I just wanted to sleep.

    The third time I was knocking, Joanna opened her door, she was apparently under the shower and I stressed her out there. The first thing she said was, that she doesn’t have my key at all. Well, I was getting more nervous. Then I asked her some obvious questions about Walter, the key and the appointment. Then, when I was about to get even more nervous, she just said: “There’s your key!” and pointed on the ground. 🙂

    Enjoy your trip, Walter!



  3. “…but as happy as a man can get”. Well, it looks like your budget isn’t the only thing that got blown…




  4. Dude, there really is a marine base in Ã…lesund: http://ris.npolar.no/pages/baseNyAa.htm