15 Sep 2007

Blowing my budget

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I went to the booking office to book my ticket first (I needed to be sure that I could actually be on the boat before packing up 🙂 ). That was no problem, and as it was so much cheaper than I expected, I booked a ticket not only to Trondheim, but all the way up to Bodo (just above the arctic circle) as the lady said that the nature up there is really nice and it was still cheaper than what I had expected to pay for only going to Trondheim. With a ticket for three nights on the ship and three Breakfasts costing me 1901 NOK in my pocket, I left the booking office. I was so happy this had worked out, I was almost singing and dancing in the street (the fact that I can’t dance and am a horrible singer obviously keeping me from actually doing that 😉 )

I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 11.00, so I decided to climb up one of the hills surrounding Bergen (320m climb from sea level) and have a look at the view from up there. It was amazing! (pictures in the gallery soon) I decided to take the shuttle back down as the joints in my knee are not really happy carrying all that weight downhill (uphill went surprisingly well!).

After that I went home, bought some stuff to replace what I had used from Basil’s supplies, packed my stuff and cleaned up a bit for Basil. Before I left, I called Joanna to let her known I was coming as per her instructions. No response. Weird, but hey she could be in the toilet, shower or kitchen or something. I headed over to the other building. No Joanna. FUCK!! I waited and waited until it was 17:45 (boarding for the ship started at 18.00 and it would cost me about 45 minutes to get from where I was to the ship). Then I decided to slide the key under her door after making _really_ sure that it was actually her room.

I made my way to the boat, arriving in time to actually board, phew! I found my cabin and unpacked some of my stuff. Then I wandered around the ship waiting until we would leave (22.30, unfortunately in the dark). I was right in my suspicions: I single-handedly pulled down the average age by about 20 years in every room I entered 🙂 Of course I fell asleep in the comfy chairs in the panorama lounge and woke up when we were well underway. Nevermind, no one was waving me off like you are supposed to on a cruise anyway 🙂

I went to bed early to have a good night’s sleep. Rocky, since the weather wasn’t very easy, but hey, it’s not like I can sleep anywhere 😉

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3 Responses to “Blowing my budget”

  1. Nice boat man: http://www.ferry-site.dk/ferry.php?id=9107772&lang=en

    Did you know the MS Nordkapp was built in 1996 and has a gross tonnage of 11.386. (Gross tonnage is calculated by using the formula :GT = K \cdot V, where V = total volume in m3 and K = a figure from 0.22 up to 0.32, depending on the ship’s size (calculated by :K = 0{,}2 + 0{,}02 \cdot\log_{10}V))




  2. Haha, Ruud is zijn taak als tv-orakel flink aan het uitbreiden, merk ik 🙂

    Goed te lezen dat je zoveel mooie dingen en leuke mensen tegenkomt. Ik ga ook maar eens even mijn tas inpakken, want vanmiddag vliegen Irene, mijn ouders en zus, en vrienden van mijn ouders met hun 2 zoons, naar Dublin!
    Nog tips? 🙂




  3. Niet neerstorten