14 Sep 2007

planning chaos

Posted by walterheck

The next day my host was going to Oslo for the weekend. I considered my options and figured the Hurtigruten ferry to Trondheim would probably be cheaper during the week, so I took my chances and stayed in the room to spend the weekend in Bergen and take the ferry on Monday. I stayed indoors until 15.00, and then went to the Hurtigruten booking office to book my ticket for the ferry. Of course I showed up the minute they were closing up, so the lady couldn’t help me book my ticket anymore. What she could do, was tell me that it would be up to 60% cheaper if I was to leave on Friday night or Saturday night and ask me to come back the next day to actually book my ticket.

After roughly half an hour of cursing, I started to think of ways to replan my weekend. I had the only key to Basil’s room with me, and he wouldn’t get back till Sunday evening late. Then I remembered that we had met a German girl at the meeting the day before that lived in the same student housing area as Basil. I went to the youth hostel (close by, cheap internet) and sent an email to Joanna, the girl in question asking if she could help out. I kept my fingers crossed the rest of the day 🙂

Next, I had made an appointment with Siri, a Norwegian girl and Matthew, a Kiwi surfer I met the day before at the meeting. We went for dinner in a very cheap (average of 15€ per dish) traditional restaurant. The food was very good. A weird thing that is apparently quite normal in Norway is that you pay in advance. After eating, we decided to go to a bar. A good one was only 10 meters away as it was located underneath the restaurant. We sat there for a couple of hours discussing the political systems in our countries (this happens a lot when meeting surfers and is a lot more interesting than it sounds!), the fact that Norway apparently has two Norwegian languages (fingers for non-Norwegian people that knew this 😉 ) and the economical situation in the world. Two really good things about this pub: good music (rock and metal combined) and cheap beer (only 34 NOK (=4,25€)for 0,4l 😉 ) so I splurged and drank two beers.

After a while, Siri had to go home to pack for a trip to Oslo the next day. Matthew and me went for a drink in the metal pub on the other side of the street. We found out that we met many of the same people through couchsurfing. He while hosting in NZ, me while hosting in Rotterdam. This world is so much smaller than we think!

After that I went home, finding a reply to my email saying that Joanna could help me out with the key. Yay!

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  1. Dude, “Matthew and me…” should be “Matthew and I…”. Shame on you man!