13 Sep 2007

Bergen, city of rain (so, let me have it then!)

Posted by walterheck

The next morning my host had to go to university (he’s an exchange student after all 😉 ) but he let me stay in his room. I slept in a little, did some stuff on the internet and around 13.00 I left the dorm to go into the city. I wanted to walk at first, but off course I had to sleep after half a kilometer. I sat down at a bus stop and lo and behold I wake up from a bus stopping at the bus stop (they do that, you know 😉 ). Me just waking up, I jump up and get in the bus. Just as it starts driving away, I get the feeling I’m missing something. I look around and I see that my backpack with my important belongings is missing. It is still at the bus stop. I shout stop! and the bus driver stops. I jump out, grab my backpack and get back in. Phew! I continue my way into the city.

The weather was beautiful and I didn’t see a drop of rain until right before the meeting started. I went to the fish market (fresh fish, yummy!) and a fortress that used to make up part of Norway’s defenses. After that I walked around the old part of town. The old part of Bergen is a beautiful area that is built against a very steep hill, so it consists of very small, steep little streets and almost hidden stairs with beautiful houses and even more amazing views here and there. I climbed as high as I could get without using a map and then descended again.

After that I went to the tourist information office for some info about Bergen (mainly a map of the city centre since they apparently have never heard of something called signs). I slept there for a bit and then explored the city centre a bit more. After sunbathing in the undergoing sun (it sets quite early since Bergen is surrounded by hills) I bought some food at the supermarket and then went back to sleep some more at the tourist information office to fill my time until the meeting would start (Oh yeah, and to pick up my glasses that I had forgotten there the last time I was there, but that had nothing to do with it 😉 ).

Around 19.30 I made my way to the random pub we picked the night before as a meeting place (google really IS your best friend 😉 ). I was surprised to find several people already there. Apparently the meeting time had changed again (who maintains this crappy buggy website 😉 ), so it said 19.00 in the meeting page, while I could swear I had set it to 20.00. It didn’t matter too much, so I introduced myself and sat down. The meeting was like all other couchsurfing meetings I have ever been to: a lot of fun! I was very surprised though to see 10 people show up during the evening!

After the meeting I returned home with my host and we went to sleep satisfied after a good meeting and a nice day!

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6 Responses to “Bergen, city of rain (so, let me have it then!)”

  1. Wow dude, you made it to Bergen, sweet! By the way, Bergen really is the city of rain (average yearly rainfall of 2250 mm (88 inches), it once rained for 89 consecutive days in Bergen). Anyway, it’s good to hear there’s more to Norway than just filthy 80’s porn (allthough there is obviously nothing wrong with Norwegian porn form any decade) (http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20050429/0938207.shtml)

    Anyway, keep up the good work posting stories. (it’s really nice of you to travel the world just to entertain us all)




  2. @ Ruud: toch goed om te lezen dat je sinds Serviam geen spatje veranderd bent 😉



  3. He Walter, het lezen van je blog is een prachtige sog activiteit. Als ik volgend jaar nog niet afgestudeerd is jouw wereldreis daar mede schuld aan. Mooi verhaal over Benny en zijn hutje. Dat zijn toch de interessante zonderlinge figuren die je tegen kan komen. Bij het lezen van het verhaal kon ik het helaas niet nalaten om me af te vragen of Benny echt met Bob Dylan had samengewerkt of gewoon een beetje eenzaam was geworden daar in zijn Berghut.
    Zoals je kan verwachten gebeurt hier in Nederland weinig spectaculairs. Af en toe regent het en soms schijnt de zon. Meestal is het gewoon bewolkt.



  4. Begrijp ik nu goed dat je je bril al kwijt bent of moet ik mijn engels ernstig gaan verbeteren? Ikke



  5. Misschien moet je jezelf maar vastketenen aan al je belangrijke bezittingen (rugzak bij de bushalte laten staan, bril bij de tourist info laten liggen…)

    Ach, misschien ook niet.



  6. Hey Walter!

    I’m reading your blog with back working power now (terugwerkende kracht) ;-). Shame on me that I started just now, but I’m reading it all!

    Wow in half a month you experienced so much! A lot of fun stuff (greek truckdriver, the saab guy, the guys from Breemen).

    I’ll make sure to read more from now on! Have fun lad.



    Marcel Dassen