12 Sep 2007

The Benny experience, part 2

Posted by walterheck

The following morning he had everything planned out for me: he would drive me down to the gas station (read: gas station/supermarket/water point/hotel/friends), we would have dinner (I could barely convince him to let me pay for that) and then we would say goodbye.

So we had some nice breakfast (only 15€ for two persons in Norway for an all-you-can-eat breakfast? I suspected he had been talking to the cashier lady who he obviously knew very well 🙂 ). After that I started hitchhiking and benny drove off to a village close by to go to the doctor’s .

The hitchhiking went abominably bad, and just as I really was getting down again, a boy comes walkiong out of the gas station straight towards me. Hoping he would tell me that he was gonna carry me on his back to Bergen, I approached him. He told me that benny had called, saying that he would pick me up and drop me off 80Km down the road if I was still there half an hour later. Obviously I was still there so took me with him and he dropped me in Geilo.  Benny had bought a huge postcard (needing a 12,50€ poststamp :S) to send to my parents.

During the trip to Geilo I decided that I had suffered enough from hitchhiking and I would take a train from there to Bergen. The ticket was “only” 45€, so I decided to go ahead and do it. And boy am I glad I did! This is the most beautiful train ride I have aver seen in my life! Norway at it’s most beautiful! Huge wild sceneries full of rock formations, glaciers and snow here and there. Photo’s and video’s in the gallery soon!

After I arrived to Bergen, I texted my host and we met at the supermarket near his dormroom. The room was very small, but as long as the host is so nice and there is place for me to sleep, I’m perfectly happy. We talked for a while and decided that we were going to organise a couchsurfing meeting the next day. We created the meeting together and after that he was going to the city and I staid at home since I was very tired and wouldn’t be much fun anyway.

I checked some email and read some blog comments (keep ’em coming, they are what keeps me writing this bullshit 😉 ) and then went to bed.

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5 Responses to “The Benny experience, part 2”

  1. Hoi,
    Ik blijf niet reageren, maar foto’s, knul, foto’s!

    Je moeder.



  2. halo werner. thanks a lot for nice wourds abaut me. i am going to spain ca. 20. oct., staing for 3 monhs. not by plain but intrrail. will visit friends all over end end up in the cadiz-disrikt. please ask jour family if they can send the pictures before I leave. Be careful, spesaely in Romenien and bulgarien, they cill jou for pocketmoney. take a plain to the other side of Tellus and stay in the sun with the other backpackers.
    Best wiches from Benny, Fjøsnissen.



  3. 45 euro’s for a trainride!? What, you couldn’t find an airport in the vicinity? Thats a shame, it would have saved you some cash…




  4. 12,50 Euro for a postage-stamp!? Damn, do they deliver the mail by train in Norway?




  5. grappig. Wij hebben van Geilo naar Myrdal en verder naar Flam gefietst langs die mooie spoorlijn. Volgens mij kun je op sommige van jou foto’s het fietspad (lees kiezelpad of keienpad, soms langs gevaarlijke afgrond) zelfs zien. Inderdaad het mooiste stuk van onze vakantie (vooral rond Finse) met voor ons zelfs fietsen door de sneeuw…