9 Sep 2007

Scandinavian living…

Posted by walterheck

The next morning I was going to Bente’s house in Hvitsten about half an hour outside of Oslo. I had heard about her from a number of people and as she was apparently the best place ever to relax and have some good food, I decided to make a de-tour to her place to relax for a couple of days.

I got up, packed up, thanked Ross for the awesome time and went on my way. I took a train to the nearest town and hiked the last 6 Km to Hvitsten. When I got to Bente’s, I met a couple of the couchsurfers from the party last week. They were there to have dinner with Bente and Paul, her boyfriend. Paul was already pretty drunk when I got there (15:00 in the afternoon) but Bente was a very lovely woman and I had some fun with the other couchsurfers. At some point the surfers left and I was alone with Bente and Paul. Paul just sat and drank wine without hardly saying a word while a was having very nice conversations with Bente who was smoking hash like she was in Holland 🙂 I drank heaps of house wine which luckily had a very low alcohol percentage. All of a sudden Paul starts yelling half at me, half at Bente in Norwegian. He breaks his glass, throws it out the window and apparently likes that idea so much that he starts throwing everything on the table out the window: burning candles, falsk of wine, glasses, bowl of chips, etc. I decide to stop him and get up (After all I’m twice his size and half his age). He walks away and continues drinking in another room.

I am left with a shocked (and luckily stoned as hell) Bente who explains to me that Paul is alcoholic and he is getting worse in his tempers. I make sure he is not touching her and am not sure what else to do about it. While we are talking, Paul comes in a couple of times refilling his glass of wine and disappearing into the bedroom. By this time he apparently no longer has a clue that I’m in the room as he walks around butt-naked. I’m not sure what to do about the situation, so I act like nothing’s happening 🙂

After I go to bed (the “couch” is a nice double bed in an old Citroen HY parked in the garden, how hippy can you get 😉 ) I think about it some more.

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One Response to “Scandinavian living…”

  1. Hallo Walter,

    Ik word een beetje duizelig van de datering van je stukjes. Weet je nog wel welke dag het is vandaag?

    Hoera, je website werkt ook weer onder IE!

    Wat je hier schrijft is niet zo’n leuke ervaring. Volgens mij heb je het prima aangepakt.

    Blijf doorgaan met je dagboek.