8 Sep 2007

Ross’ place, day 2

Posted by walterheck

The next morning we slept late and we hung out all day in/near Ross’s place. Ross’s girls are very quiet, well behaved little children. He took them out to the market that was going on right outside Ross’s house. The street Ross lives in is one of the most posh shopping streets of Oslo (I noticed even before anyone told me 😉 ). Later I went there as well together with Ross because he wanted to go back for a jacket that he had seen. We bought the jacket and a very nice matching shirt (from a stand that was completely blown away by the wind while we were there (internal *gna, gna*)).

After all that, we had dinner. After dinner, a couple of friends of Ross’ roommate came over. We had an extremely interesting discussion with a Cuban, a Greek, an Argentinian, a Tunesian, Ross’ Greek roommate and Ross about life and religion. What made it extremely interesting for me was that the Cuban guy follows a religion called Yoruba (hadn’t heard about it until now) and the tunesian guy was an extremely openminded muslim. After a while, I stopped the discussion and just asked them what exactly their religion meant for them.

I was actually ashamed of myself to ask questions to the muslim, since the only Islam I apparently know is the one followed by your average backyard terrorist. I found out then and there that our media are doing an excellent job brainwashing us by portraying the Islam as a very aggressive religion. I don’t see myself as a prejudiced guy, but I apparently became one without knowing so.

Yasim, the Tunesian guy assured me that the way he sees Islam (and apparently a lot of other Muslims) they are fine with other people believing in other religions, they just don’t think it is the right one. All in all, a very very interesting night!

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