7 Sep 2007

Oslo, host number 2

Posted by walterheck

On friday I stayed indoors again, doing some more computer stuff. Around 5 (just after Ricard got home from work) I went to a free festival called GranittRock that I discovered was held in one of the suburbs of Oslo. It had some rock and metalbands playing there.

I took a train for half an hour to get there and expected masses of people to guide me from the train station to the festival site. I didn’t even see a single person that looked like they were going to a festival (usually these people are pretty easy to spot) so I decided to first get some food from the local supermarket.

One shrimp sandwich and a salad later (and 10€(!) poorer) I headed for the place the sound appeared to come from  (still sound check sounds at 17:30 when the first band was supposed to play at 17:00?). I asked a girl along the way for directions. sidenote: where does norway store their ugly women? I have only seen very hot blondes (I’m not even into blondes) so far!

Anyway, I arrived at the festival site only to find a whopping 15 people in front of the mainstage (a band had just started to play!). I checked out that band (being happy I had earplugs with me 🙂 ) and when the sound stopped working I moved back a little and layed down in the grass. After 5 minutes someone figured out to plug the speakers back in and teh band continued to play. Even though it was a metal band I had lost my interest by that time, so I walked over to the other stage to find about 100 people waiting there. The stage was a lot smaller than the other one, so I was curious to see who would be playing until I noticed taht the whole crowd seemed to consist of 15 year olds and a bunch of parents.

Two minutes later this was all explained as a band consisting of three 15 year old boys started playing (rather crappy, but still nice for a bunch of 15 year olds). Two more minutes later I could not take it any more so I moved back to the main stage. After a little while another Coldplay-like band started playing. This was quite a nice band and in the mean time it had gotten a lot more busy. The vibe was very good so I laid in the grass some more.

Suddenly I realised that I was missing something: noone, absolutely noone was drinking any alcohol! I looked around and could not even find a single beerstand. Not that I wanted anything to drink (too expensive anyway), but it was still very awkward for a festival. After watching about an hour of the band I got up and made my way back to Céline’s place to pick up my bag and go to my new host.

I moved to Ross’s place (remember, the host from the party a couple of days ago?) as Ricard was leaving for Sweden for the weekend. When I arrived there (late huh? who? me?) he had some friends over and they were drinking rum and cola. I sat down and joined them for a nice relaxing evening of me drinking rum and cola and them drinking rum and cola and smoking blunts. We had some nice conversations and listened to Bob Marley’s complete oeuvre. Ross grew up in the Cayman Islands and you can really feel the caribbean laid back vibe when being with him. Even though he had his two little daughters for the weekend the music was playing pretty loud. Ross explained that he felt that his children shoudl get used to sleeping when there is a lot of noise. Surprisingly the two slept like there was no tomorrow.

After everyone left I was talking to Ross and he told me that he used to be a photo model in Mexico. He showed me his portfolio and I was stunned! I would have never expected that from him as he is now wearing long hair and a thick beard. We talked some more and then went to bed.

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5 Responses to “Oslo, host number 2”

  1. Ik merk aan je verhalen dat je langzaam begint te wennen aan de vrijheid.
    Voor heel scandinavie geldt dat alcohol en tabak ongeloofelijk duur zijn. ten gevolge van een soort alternatieve drooglegging. Vraag maar eens aan een inboorling waarom.

    Je verhalen zijn overigens nog steeds niet te lezen in IE. Ik heb geprobeerd om de HTML code te begrijpen, maar ik ben er intussen te lang uit. Heb dus helaas geen hint voor je waar de fout zou kunnen zitten.





  2. Ja leuk he die prijzen in Noorwegen. Wij bestelden de eerste avond per ongeluk een glas wijn: 9 EUR p.p. Je mag nog blij zijn dat je gratis onderdak hebt! Maar wees gerust vooral Oslo is superduur wat betreft terrasjes en elders in Noorwegen is er echt wel wat te krijgen voor een redelijke prijs. Maar altijd wel opletten en naar de prijzen vragen voor je iets bestelt…
    Ook een goede tip: wij konden op een gegeven moment 100 EUR op de trein besparen door niet om 9.30 maar om 7.45 te gaan. Dus altijd effe checken.
    Leuk om te lezen dat alles zo lekker loopt tot nu toe en uberhaupt leuk dat je regelmatig online bent om je site te updaten. Wanneer kan ik langskomen?




  3. Wow man, you went to granittrock (the Woodstock of the North) AND you got to see Chili Dog!? (http://youtube.com/watch?v=QlsCLQBGn04) This trip just keeps on getting better doesn’t it? I have to say, those 15 year olds play some mean AC/DC man.

    Did you know that Ganite Rock is a California based company where you can buy (jep, you guessed it) granite and rocks? (http://www.graniterock.com/pdf/RiverRock-SS1x4.pdf)

    Bet you didn’t.



  4. Haha, coolste festival ever??!!
    Ik vind het erg leuk om na een dagje werken je verhalen te lezen, “even helemaal weg”!
    Trouwens, we hadden toen uitgerekend dat je op je site zo ongeveer 100 afleveringen van Lost kon bewaren… ruimte genoeg voor een paar fotootjes dacht ik zo? Ik ben wel geinteresseerd in de foto’s uit de portfolio van Ross 😛

    Rest mij als echte juf nog maar 1 opmerking: GA ZO DOOR!



  5. Where does norway store their ugly women? Why wonder?

    Die zullen ze wel opgesloten hebben, omdat de alcoholprijzen te hoog zijn om ze ‘mooi te drinken’ 🙂
    Klinkt echt als een vet festival. Volgend jaar ga ik ook 😉 Lekker géén bier drinken tussen 15-jarigen die naar crappy bandjes luisteren met hun ouders. Haha. Maar wel leuk dat je daar dan terecht komt.

    Ik maak ‘t niet te lang, want ik moet nog 3 weken inhalen,