5 Sep 2007

Land of Dimmu Borgir, here I come!

Posted by walterheck

The following morning Marco and his roommate had to leave early to go to university. So I had a choice: walking around the city with a heavy backpack or finding a place where I could sit and edit some video together (that shit is piling up 🙁 ). I decided the latter and immediately the following “problem” arose: where to go? After some careful thinking I decided that it shouldn’t be very difficult to find a nice quiet spot at the airport. I decided to walk to the airport which was about half an hour away.

After a nice walk I arrived at the airport, packed the stuff I thought I was gonna need in the next couple of hours in my daypack and put my big backpack in a luggage locker. I then headed into the terminal to find a nice quiet spot in the corner of a terrace. I sat down and started my journey into the wonderful world of video editing. Oomph! that shit is tougher than I had expected. After a while I had some decent part of the Coolblue goodbye party footage edited and felt like doing something different, so I played a game for a couple of hours.

Around half past one Friedemann sent me a message that he would like to meet me to have lunch together. I asked him to come to the airport to be sure I wouldn’t miss my plane and he agreed. I decided to go and check in my backpack so I had some more time to spend during lunch. The Bremen airport terminal that Ryanair uses is the most basic one I have ever seen: no digital signs, they just hang a sign with the name of the destination over the checkin counters. After succesfully checking in my luggage Friedemann showed up a little after two and we had a nice lunch at a cheap bar at the airport.

Then it was time to say goodbye for real. I thanked him very much for all the kind things he did for me. Without him and couchsurfing I would have had to spend my first few nights in a hostel. I jumped onto my plane towards Oslo to go to the land of Dimmu, yay!

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4 Responses to “Land of Dimmu Borgir, here I come!”

  1. Goed te lezen dat je nog leeft! Na al die afscheidsfeestjes en jou excessieve drank misbruik…

    Ben benieuwd wat dat nog wordt met die video montage, zou je misschien mijn hoofd kunnen weg censureren? Dan kan ik die wacken video misschien nog wel aan mn schoonouders laten zien…




  2. Ben wel benieuwd wat er van de coolblue party video is overgebleven.



  3. Ok, so…did you make it? Did the plane crash? Are you dead? Did evil Norwegian metal dudes eat your brain? Did it taste like beer? We want to knoooow!




  4. Fuckin’ hell dude, ik had een of twee berichtjes verwacht ofzo, moet ik me door je halve biografie heenwerken om bij je meest recente belevenissen te komen! Op dit tempo krijg je echt een aardig gedetailleerd verslag van de hele reis. Zal ik al een uitgever voor je gaan zoeken terwijl je weg bent? Anyway, ben super jaloers op je en ik hoop dat je veel lol hebt op reis!


    Wist je dat Noorwegen een kustlijn heeft van 2.500 kilometer en dat Chondrosea cotyledon is Noorse nationale bloem is?