2 Sep 2007

Enschede.. going back home

Posted by walterheck

When I woke up and was sober again, I slowly started packing my stuff to get to the last party in Enschede. I lived in Enschede for 2,5 years so I always enjoy going back there. Sjoerd and Sandra (you guys rock by the way!) woke up and dragged themselves out of bed to say goodbye.

I was supposed to hitchhike, but since I needed to be in Enschede at 2pm, I decided to take a train. I still didn’t arrive before 15:30 but hey, at least I was there 🙂 My friend Ewoud picked me up from the railway station and when I got to his house, the whole house was full of people. There were some people there that I hadn’t seen in a while so it was very nice. The party ended around 18:30 I think, since Irene just got a new job and needed some well deserved rest. I went to a culinary testing-festival called “Proef&Eet” with Ewoud, Irene and Ewoud’s sister Amber. It was very nice and we tried out all kinds of small dishes. After that, we hung out at Ewoud and Irene’s house and I went to bed not too late (tomorrow is a big day!).

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One Response to “Enschede.. going back home”

  1. It was an honour to host you, may many couches be soiled underneath your presence!

    Serieus, als ik je posts lees bekruipt me toch een heel klein en geniepig gevoel van jaloezie… Geen idee of ik het zou durven, maar het gevoel van niks hoeven, niks moeten en niks plannen lijkt me heerlijk.

    Geniet ervan dude, we blijven je volgen!! 🙂

    Enorme hoeveelheden bier, en een kusje op je haar,